also weighing in on the shooting this morning Minnesota congressman keith Ellison congressman Ellison who lives in North Minneapolis wrote on his Twitter feed quote we need answers and I hope that body camera footage will provide additional clarity in the days to come our community has faced this trauma too many times my thoughts are with mr.

Blevins family and friends and with the entire community earlier this month congressman Ellison stunned the Minnesota political establishment when he announced he is giving up a very safe seat in Congress to run for Minnesota Attorney General and congressman Ellison joins us now thank you so much congressman thank you again I know you're on your way to the Pride Parade this your additional thoughts about this shooting well you know we have to just get to the bottom of it and we have to have an investigation that everyone feels is thorough transparent and fair and expeditious it doesn't pay to have this thing stretch out longer than it needs to so I'm urging people in charge of the investigation to make sure that they are communicating with the community as much as they can as soon as they can I know that you want to get witness statements out before you start releasing video but I'm sure that those things can happen quickly and thoroughly and people need to know what happened so that they can have some trust as you said this is my neighborhood and so I have a particular interest in it and my son's the council member right in the district right next to it so we have a lot of investment and getting to the bottom of this all right well Thank You congressman for that do want to ask you about rocking the Minnesota political establishment why are you leaving a safe seat in Congress you won in 2016 by 47 percentage points you could have had this seat in Congress for life why are you giving that up to run for Minnesota Attorney General well as me I've never been a play it safe kind of person and I'm quite concerned about two things going on in our country right now one is that I think that when you look at the separation of families when you look at the Trump administration trying to rip apart the Affordable Care Act when you look at the federal government trying to stop internet neutrality I think that it's important for state AG's particularly our own Minnesota AG to be at the forefront of protecting people's rights AG's can do that in a way that's much more direct and quick then then a congressperson can also we live in an era of great income inequality and a lot of folks consumers find themselves at a very distinct disadvantage when they bargain with large corporations and they need somebody they need a people's lawyer on their side to make sure that they are treated fairly seniors dealing with high-pressure sales tactics veterans dealing with high-pressure sales taxes they need a people's lawyer I'm that person all right let me ask you this with all due respect you are obviously a man of color a Muslim can you win a statewide primary and a statewide general election in this state absolutely and as a matter of fact I mean let me tell you just as Paige has won statewide he's a man of color so has Barack Obama won here twice Minnesotans are fair people I'm not saying every single person is fair we know that's not true but we know most people are good and decent and what they want to know is is this public official on my side are they fighting for me do they care about me and my family I've demonstrated over the course of 12 12 years that I am absolutely fighting for working men and women every day and I'd like to do that for folks as their people's lawyer as their Attorney General of the state of Minnesota and I know you have not endorsed any of the candidates in the fifth District that's gonna be a heated race oh yeah succeed you well I'm glad it's gonna be heated we need an abundance of democracy and we're gonna see that in on August 14 okay our next guest is the chair of the Minnesota Republican Party who is up there in Duluth yeah with the president saying there will be a red wave in November in terms of congressional seats here in Minnesota as vice there's Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee I'm guessing you see it differently we see it very differently as a matter of fact what we see is people all over this country getting involved signing up volunteering and it's happening everywhere and you know what we really want is a real national discussion with our Republican friends and neighbors about you know are we going to separate families are we going to let big giant IT companies just dominate the Internet are we going to say we don't want health care for all this is the discussion that we're having all across this country and I look forward to it I think American people are gonna be on our side on this thing but it's a good discussion to have all right well thank you sir for coming in we certainly appreciate your time as you good thank you.

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