[Music] welcome back health nuts my name is Nicole and to bring some positivity to your day we are I am sharing five minute breakfast recipes I'm currently in my pajamas because a it's a breakfast video and B I've been isolating myself at home and all I want to

wear is loungewear and that's the plus side to not having to leave the house so today's video these are all really really easy breakfast recipes and I think you'll be able to find pretty much all the ingredients if someone else hasn't already taken everything off the grocery shelves

because it is slim picking right now if you're like I'm feeling like eggs you're like nope I'm having bacon instead because it's all that's left no bacon would be like the first thing to go I think I am so excited about all of these breakfast recipes because they're

all things that I really love to eat but I've made some shortcuts to make them all super easy and within the 5 minute limit so without further ado let's hop right in and let's get making some breakfast first step is my raw granola also known as raw NOLA

it's super quick it's no bake and it's full of crunchy nuts and seeds so in a food processor I'm gonna start by adding in some chopped and pitted dates this is what's gonna help give our granola some sweetness I'm also adding in some walnuts unsweetened shredded coconut you

always want to look for the one that doesn't have any sugar added sunflower seeds ground flaxseed I like to buy mine whole and just grind them myself chia seeds some raw honey not only does it add a nice flavor but it also helps bind everything together vanilla extract

and some cinnamon and sea salts you're going to process for about 20 to 30 seconds just so everything is well combined but you still have that chunky granola texture you don't want to overdo it otherwise you're just gonna end up with like a nut and seed flour which

I'm sure would be good for baking but not for topping your yogurt with once your raw NOLA is done you can just store it in a large glass airtight container you can either pop it into the fridge or freezer to last longer or you can just store it

on your countertop it doesn't last long in our house so I never have a problem with that but I like to serve it on top of some yogurt and fresh fruit and it's delicious next up we have a super quick in creamy oatmeal in a small saucepan I'm

adding in some water and net milk you can also use oat milk I'm adding in quick oats which are a little bit finer than regular oats and they're gonna cook up superfast next I have some sliced up ripe banana which is an essential in all the oatmeal's that

I make a pinch of sea salt and cinnamon I'm gonna give it a stir bring it to a boil and then just lower the heat and let it cook for a couple of minutes while stirring until the oats are fully softened at this point I'm just gonna fold

in the ground flax seed I like to add this in for just extra nutritional value and fiber and then your oat meal is ready to serve you can top it with whatever you like here I have some stewed berries and a splash of nut milk next up we're

going a little bit more savory I have a super quick shakshuka recipe which is a classic middle-eastern inspired dish made with poached eggs in a delicious tomato sauce in a medium skillet you're just gonna heat up some olive oil add in some garlic and the white parts of

the green onion we're gonna save the tops for garnishing later and you're just gonna saute this for about a minute until fragrant at this point you can go ahead and add in your diced fire roasted tomatoes these you can find it pretty much any grocery store and they

have a ton of flavor and tomato paste which is just gonna help thicken it up continue to cook while stirring and then using the back of your spoon create two indentations that way you can crack your eggs right into them you're making like little holes for them seasoned

with some salt and pepper and then top with the lid to finish cooking the eggs and then to finish you can just top it with some crumbled goat cheese or feta and sliced green onions I also ended up adding some sliced avocado and a little bit of cilantro

you honestly can't have too many toppings when it comes to a good chuck chucka last but not least we have a spinach and feta a crap this is inspired by the popular Starbucks one although I have to say this one is 10 times tastier you're gonna love it

in a medium bowl you're gonna crack in your eggs diced red pepper in sea salt and black pepper give it a whisk until the eggs are well mixed and then add it into your nonstick frying pan that's already been sprayed with some olive oil pop the lid on

and let it cook once it's almost done cooking you can then spread on the rest of your toppings I have some baby spinach and then crumbled feta cheese and then using your spatula just fold over one side over the other so it's kind of like a Halfmoon shape

and then you can transfer it over to your large tortilla you can really use any tortilla wrap that you like there's so many on the market now I'm just using a whole wheat one there's also good kamut ones and really whatever you like if you want to do

gluten free the options are yours and they're seriously endless but all you're gonna do is use your best burrito wrapping skills and you're just gonna roll it all up and then slice it down the middle this is what the inside looks like it's packed full of veggies and

protein and it's gonna keep you full while you're heading out the door [Music] there you have it some super-easy five-minute breakfast recipes all of these recipes will be linked on the blog links will be down below for you guys to check them out you can save them print

them pin them for later I hope you guys enjoy these recipes leave me a comment down below letting me know which one you are most excited to try out of the floor it was a fort I think was a 5 4 5 minute breakfast recipes let me know

down below also don't forget to subscribe I'm definitely gonna be doing some videos on things you can do at home or also just like self-care relaxation things because if you're like me you already have anxiety this whole pandemic thing is not helping so Doreen I have a ton

of ideas that are gonna be coming soon and since we're all at home probably binge watching YouTube and Netflix a little bit more I will definitely be sticking to my two videos a week so stay tuned have a wonderful day I hope you guys stay safe and healthy

and I'll talk Justin bye guys [Music]

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