hello everybody it's Rob here, RobBiddulph, here I am with my sausage dog friend and I am a children's author and illustrator.

Maybe you've seen some of mybooks before? Have you seen this one it's called 'Grrrrr!' it might evenbe, it's certainly one of my favourite stories that i've written it's all about thisbear here called Fred and he is a champion bear, you can see he's got three gold medals there andthere's a competition where he lives called the 'Best Bear in the Wood' and hehas won for the last three years in a rowhe is the best bear in the woods, and they have all sorts of funny eventsthings like hula hooping – did you know that bears are really good at hulahooping? Of course you did, everyone knows that what a silly question Rob.



but there's another event in this particular competition called 'the LoudGrrr' and Fred here has the loudest Grrr in the woodbut somebody, I'm not saying who, somebody thinks they can beat him and it's areally fun story of how Fred makes some new friends.

Maybe you've seen this book it's called Show-and-Tell, it's all about a class ofchildren who bring in things to show theirfriends in their class and they all bring in ridiculous thingsthat they try and outdo each other, it's very competitive showing and telling – butthat's a lot of fun but anyway, we're here today – why are wehere today? You know why we're here today we're here to do a drawing how's thatlooking? straight? let's get it straight I can never quiteget it straight sometimes I watch my videos back and they're all wonky andI'm really cross with myself Anyway, I think that's pretty good.

Right, so today I thought we would draw a panda, everyone loves pandas right? I went to China, I went on tour to China a coupleof years ago and there's pandas everywhere in Chinathat I think, I think I'm right in saying the panda isthe national animal of China, so there's lots and lots – notactual – I didn't see any real life pandas but there's lots of kind of panda toysand panda designs everywhere you go and I really, really love pandas and they're really good fun to draw and they'requite easy to draw actually so I thought we would drawa panda but as I was having a little bit of practice, sometimes I liketo practice these drawings before I show them to you and as I was drawingthis particular panda i thought 'oh this panda reminds me of something, what doesit remind me of?' do you know what it was? It was afootball! That sounds crazy doesn't it? But the pandaI was drawing reminded me a bit of a football.

I think it's something to dowith a black and white thing, so do you know what? I thoughtI really like football actually, I probably should have said this before: Ireally like football and I thought I would draw a footballingpanda for you today.

Football Panda.

What do you think? I think that's apretty good plan so in case you haven't seen the videosbefore this is how it works.

We do a drawing together, you grab your pencil or your pen and your piece of paper, you stick on the video and you watch me draw and I'm going to do this a littletiny bit at a time so that you can follow me nice andeasily, because I think if you break a drawing down into little tiny sectionsit's much easier, it's less sort of, scary isn't it sometimes.

If somebody sat youdown and said “right, I want you to draw a footballing panda, ” you'd be like “oh, Idon't really know where to start.



” so i'm going to break it down intolittle pieces and you're going to see it's actually quite easyto draw a footballing panda.

So watch the video, watch me draw, then you draw, then I draw, then you draw, then I draw, and then at the end we're going to have a lovely picture of afootballing panda.

Okay, let's start shall we? Grabyour piece of paper, grab your pen and the first thing that we are going todo is a great big sort of.



it's not going to be exactlya circle right, we're going to draw our panda'shead first, it's not going to be a circle it's going to be a bit sort of like aflattened circle, so we're going to put our penright in the middle of our piece of paper at the top, maybe leave a couple of inches at the topand we're going to come along and we're going to godown here like that in a sort of very slight curve.

Okay, so a niceeasy shape to start with, then from here we're going to come down the side butwe're going to add a few little jaggedy bitsto make our pandas cheeks a little bit furry.

Oh, my computer's making a noise.



doyou know what I'm just going to press the button thatmakes the computer stop making a noise, we don't want to be interrupted byemails arriving for me, do we.

So where were we? Yes, that's right, just a few little jaggedy bits to there, thenwe're going to do the same on the other side, remember I like to do this, I liketo do a mirror image thing, so we're going to come down and aroundthere start bending down, just add a little bitof zigzagginess.

I find it easier to do onthis side actually, that's weird, I don't know why, and then we're going tojust join it up at the bottom like that.

So we've got a sort of gotlike a slightly flattened sort of oval shapewith jaggedy bits at the edges.

Okay fine, so far so good.

Now, the next thing to do for ourpanda, we're going to draw a sort of a seriesof circles now, the first one is going to be quite a bigcircle and it's going to be on this side and we're going to draw it aboutthere so it's not going to go to the middleof our panda it's going to, we're going to go to.



imagine there's sort of about a couple of finger widthsin the middle okay, because we're going to draw another circle on the other sideand we need a decent sized gap in between these two circlesso sort of like – that.

Okay do you see what I mean?I've left a couple of finger widths gap in the middle.

Now, I tried to get themthe same size but I failed dismally didn't I? This one's a bitsmaller than that one but that's absolutely fine.

In fact I think it makes our character look a bit more characterfulif he's not perfectly symmetrical, so there we go, there's our first twocircles.

Now, inside each of these circles we're goingto do a smaller circle, we're going to do themtowards, we're going to do them towards the topof these circles here, we'll try and make them the same size aseach other if we can, like that, okay, and theninside those circles we are going to draw even smaller circles and this onewe're going to try and get right in the middleof that circle just like that, okay, and let's colour in these littleones.

Perfect, okay, now the next thing to do – we're going to colour in these big circlesaround here, now that's going to take me a little bit longer, I think I'm going todo it with my do you know what, what should I do withit? I'm not going to.




You know what, this will be quicker, I'm not going touse my pen, I'm going to use one of these things, this is like a watercolourink pen.

I think it'll be a little bit quicker, so what I want you to dois what i'm doing here, you're just going to colour inthat bigger circle.

I'm going to leave a nice eye in the centerlike that, be careful not to go over the edges you might need to go a little bit slowerwhen you get to the edges, this is quite nice this little brush inhere.

Here you go – one there, and then let's dothis bit, it's already starting to take shape isn't it? A little panda yeah they're very cool-looking animalspandas, aren't they? I really like their the pattern they have on their faces withthose big black circles that go around their eyes.

They sort of look like they're wearing some sort of cool mask, like a superhero mask, very cool.

There we go, that's reallyquite panda-ry already I think.

Right, the next thing todo is another, there's not going to be acircle actually in the middle so much as a sort of egg shape – oh sorry I'veknocked my camera haven't I? It's wobbling around a bit, sorry about that, probably making you feel a bit seasick Right so what we're gonna do is in themiddle, if you see where you've drawn the pupils ofyour eye a little bit higher than that we're gonna draw just alittle sort of egg shape, like an egg lying down like that, so can you see it's just very slightly higher than the twopupils? Okay and then coming down right from themiddle of that egg shape we're just going to do a little line, just a small line, oh look I've just literally put my hand right in that wetink.

Oh no that means I'm going to smudge mydrawing a bit later, I'm going to be very careful.

Okay now at the bottom of that littleline that you've just drawn I want you to draw a little curvy linefor his mouth I'm gonna do it slightly lopsided, I'mgonna do it coming up a little bit higher on that side, isn't that cute? A little smiley mouth, let's add six little dots for whiskers.

one, two, three, four, five, six.

There we go, lovely He's cool this panda.

Okay now let'sgive him some eyebrows.

Now do you remember, I've told you this before, if you want somebody to look extra smiley, I mean hehe looks, well I think, actually, do you know what, I think this panda is a 'she.

'It's gonna be a female footballing panda.

I'm going to think of a name for her abit later on as well I think.

Okay but she looks very happy now, but ifyou want to make her look extra smiley we have to add a couple ofeyebrows and if you add those eyebrows a long way above the eyesit really does make them look more jolly and more cheerfulbut panda eyebrows they're quite sort of thick, and again they're black so whatwe're gonna do we're gonna draw like a bean shapetowards the top of her head like that you see what I mean? It's like a sort of, like a kidney bean or something like that.

I'm gonna do thesame on the other side, right near the top of the head and justit's gonna make her look extra smiley.

Let's colour that in black.

I'm not goingto use, I want my other pen for this because it's not a verybig area so I can just do it with my regular pen.

How am I doing? I still haven't smudged anywhere, that's pretty good.



famous last words, I'm definitely gonna smudge it somewhere now.

Okay so there we go, a lovely, jolly lookingpanda.

Let's add a couple of big fluffy panda ears, now these are some more circles but we're going to add a littlebit of zigzagginess to them, so just above that eyebrowwe're going to come around in quite a big circlelike that.

I'm going to do a few little jaggedy lines, we're going to come around like that and go back to where we started.

There wego: one panda ear.

Let's do the other one, I'mgoing to come out just from above the eyebrow againaround in a big circle like that, try and get it about the samesize as the other ear, doesn't matter too much if it isn't, and there we go, I'm going to colour them in now, maybe I'll just go into super-speed mode for this bit, you don't mind do you?Ready? You're going to be amazed at how quick this is: three, two, one.



There we go! Quick as a flash! Unbelievable.



that wasn't sped sped up actually that's just the speed I can colour, I'm justsuper quick at colouring, what can you do, what can you do? and ifyou believe that you'll believe anything.

Right, let's give our panda a little tummy.

So we're going to draw yet another sort ofcircle shape coming out of the bottom of his head and this is going to be ourpandas little tummy so let's say, let's, how can I say this?how can I tell you where this is? Sort of if you sort of imaginethe edge of the white of his eye we're going to come down to about thereand we're just going to draw a little round tummy.

Can you see i'm adding thosezigzaggy lines again just to make it a little bit furrylike that, so actually I'm gonna put our panda in a footballkit, so maybe we don't need to do the furry bits, but don't worry about it okay so there we go, our panda's tummy.

Let's add a couple of legs, now the legs, what we're going to docoming down from this body we're just going to draw one straight linecoming straight down and another one therecoming almost directly below the nose and thenabout that far away we're going to add another oneand another one and then the feet.

Should we give our pandas some footballboots? We're just gonna do another line coming out there, a littlecurve that line coming out there and a littlecurve like that so we can turn those into football bootsin a minute for our footballing panda First of all, let's give him some arms.

Quite close, not the exact point where thebody joins the head about that far away I want you to come out in a nice smoothcurve like that, a little bit of head backwards like that, there we have a panda's arm.

This one, I've done this oneslightly higher like that, the same sort of thing, okay there's our little pandas arms.

Okay now this is the fun bit if you likefootball because I want you, well first of all, let's justadd sleeves, so one line across there, one line across there, okay that's going to be the edgesof our pandas football top.

Similarly we're going to do a line thatgoes all the way across our pandas body like that, that separatesthe top from this short area here, this bit here, we're just going to make the shorts.

Okay then, the football boots, she is wearingthese little football boots, what we do we're going to do a little curvelike that and then straight line across, okay, for our football boot shape, so alittle curve coming down like that, straight line across: therefootball boots, and then what I need you to do, I'm gonna add another straightline there for the socks too and then just above those socks Iwant you to colour that bit in because panda's haveblack legs, so she has nice black legs there like that okay, they also have blackarms, I'll speed up here hang on: okay, so now it's time to add thefootball kit to your panda, now I suggest maybe you add your favouritefootball team's kit.

It'd be really interesting to see whichof you supports which team, and who's which team is the most popular team whenI get all these back.

You might have a local team, you mighthave a team that you're one of, your or parents plays forand you'd like to do their kit, maybe you'd like to make up your own footballkit with your own colours and your own patterns on the football kit, that wouldbe really fun.

But you know what? I'm going to draw my favourite team'sfootball kit.

Now I don't know if I've told you thisbefore, this could divide the room, but my favourite team is Arsenal, who are based in London.

They are my favourite team.

I've supported themsince I was little, I had an uncle actually, I still have an uncle who was aprofessional footballer and I think he was on Arsenal's books atone point but I know he played for a couple of other teams, Brighton andIpswich, teams like that.

But Arsenal they're the closestteam to where I live so I like Arsenal and they play in red and whiteso I am going to colour my panda she's going to be wearing an Arsenal kitbut you can do whatever you like so let's go our separate ways shall we?you colour your kit in, I'll colour my kit in and I'll see youback here very shortly Okay so there is my pandaand she is wearing her lovely Arsenal kit, the bestkit in the world for the best team in the world.

What do you mean arsenal aren'tthe best team in the world?! what are you talking about?! Of coursethey are, they might not be, I hope you you know we might support differentfootball teams but you know we can still be friends can't we?Course we can, we just have to agree to disagreeyou know I think Arsenal are the best and you're wrong if you don'tbut that's fine.

Right, do you remember right at the beginningI said I was drawing a panda and it reminded me of a football? should Ishow you why? because I'm going to draw a little football down here next to thepanda now football's surprisinglyperfectly round aren't they so we're going to draw a nice round circle hereby our pandas feet and this is how I'm going to do the football, I'm going to doanother circle right in the middle of the footballI'm going to colour in black and then we're just going to add a few more sortof semi-circles just around the edges, it's a very sortof simple, stylised football shapeand I don't know why but something about those black circles on a whitecircular background, it just made me think of pandas Ooh! “it is the colour of fresh snow chalk andmilk and is the opposite of black, lightobjects fully reflect and scatter all the visible wavelengths of lightright on television and computer screens is creative” Alexa!Be quiet! Thank you.

I'm sorry about that I don't know if youeven picked that up but my Alexa started telling meall about the colour white, very useful I'm sure, anyway where was I? that's never happened before has it, um so yeah I don't know why but this football just reminded me of panda andthat's why I decided to draw a footballing panda and I thinkyou can agree they go together pretty well, we're reallynearly at the end of our drawing.

Now I'm just going to add, you know I like to add a bit of shadow to make it look like my character isstanding on the floor, well I'm going to do that but I'm going to do itin a special way, I'm just going to add it with bits of greensort of like tufts like that so it's casting a shadow but the shadow is sortof made up of grass so it performs two jobs it makes it looklike our character is standing on a surfacebut it also makes it look like that surface is a bit grassylike that.

I'm doing it with a dark green then we're just going to do a few bitsof lighter green like that just to fill insome of the gaps hopefully you can see what I mean, Ithink it looks pretty cool there we go like that, have I got an evendarker green? I have do you know what, if I told you thisbefore, when you're doing the shadow next to somebody's feet or next to this ballthat's on the floor here if you make it sort of get darker thenearer to the object just like that that makes it look muchmore kind of convincing as a shadow because when shadows are cast bysomething the shadow is at its darkest point right next to the object that iscasting it did you know that? Check it out next timeyou're outside in the sunshine there we go, so our panda drawing isfinished, she looks really cool I think, my footballingpanda I need to sign my name, I'm going to doit here in this little gap here 'Rob' there we go, oh I really liked drawingthis one, I really do like doing anything to do with football, I like playing football, I like watching footballand I like drawing pandas of course I do, so I can't wait to seeyour drawing, so make sure you take a picture of your drawings, I want to seewhat football team is the most popular we can see all the different footballteams and when you post your drawings, whydon't you tag your favourite football team in on thedrawing too, that would be good and we'll see if we can get them to respond to ourpictures, shall we? um so yes, don't forget to include thehashtag #DrawWithRob and maybe tag me tooI'm @robbiddulph on twitter sorry and I'm@rbiddulph on instagram and on facebook if you just leave it in the commentsunderneath that's where I get to see all of yourlovely drawings and who knows maybe you'll makethe grid footballing pandas.

Yes, don't forget to tag your favourite footballteam, that'd be, that'll be a fun thing to do I think.

So listen, I hope you've had a good time drawing this with me todayI know that I've really liked drawing with youum I want you all to take care of yourselves, keep on drawing, keep onpracticing, get your parents involved as well maybethey should join in with this one, that would be good fun wouldn't it?and maybe your grandparents too, anyone you know, why don't you tell them to drawalong with me and we can all become artiststogether I want you to take care of yourselvesuntil I see you next time which will be very soon for another episode of DrawWith Rob.

In the meantime it's been nice talkingto you and I'll see you soon bye bye!.

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