In this video I'm gonna be showing youhow I made this Western redcedar firewood storage unit firewood holder itholds my firewood it's going to keep it dry with the group and the overhangs butwith the open concept plenty of areas gonna be able to get in and dry it outso

let's get into how we did it the majority of this project is made fromwestern red cedar however I'm starting with making the base and I made thatfrom pressure-treated wood since it will be under echt contact with the groundI've hooked out the wings on my miter saw stand and

started by cutting downtwo runners for the base next I started cutting the base boards that will makeup the deck for these I'm leaving the back cut at a ninety degree but I wantedthe fronts to have a bevel on them since they won't be facing the front of theholder

make these cuts I beveled my miter saw head making sure to move outthe fence wing on the saw so it wouldn't interfere with the motor whenever I madethe cut then I made the cuts after making the bevel I had moved the secondboard down switch the head back to

a 90 and make the second cut to startassembling I positioned one of the deck pieces on one end and after making sureit was Square to the bottom runners I used a preacher ol and screws to attachit I repeated the steps on the other side again making sure all

sides weresquare to the runners then I filled in the middle spacing the deck boardsevenly across to make this task quicker I cut two spacers to size and move themalong as I was attaching the board's and now that these boards are in place youcan see that the bevel on

the front will come in handy instead of having a hard90 degree corner it will drop to a point for a foot or hand entering the front ofthe unit the base is now done let's move on to making the body of the unit Istarted by cutting all of the

board's needed to make up one side for thisentire portion I went with western red cedar as my material choice one it'sbeautiful wood in my opinion but it's natural weather and rot resistantqualities make it a top choice for any outdoor projectbut I love how extremely lightweight it is I

do have a set of plans over on mywebsite for this project which includes a material shopping list as well as afull cut list there's a link for you down in the description after getting mypieces for two sides cut I started assembling them I'm using type on threeon all

of the joints on this build and that's my friend Erin saying hello she'sin the shop helping me prepare for a fun but very big project I have coming up ofcourse if you've been following me on instagram then you'll already know whatit is I like using wood glue even

on more construction projects like this onebecause of the added rigidity it gives the entire structure and I went withtype on three because it's waterproof and of course this will be housedoutside once I touch the front and the cross members I attached the back therewas a small gap when

I went to attach the second cross member and this is fromthe 2×4 is just being slightly worn to fix this I used a clamp to draw it andflush to that cross member before I sink in a few screws i set the side down onthe ground so that i

can next attached a second 2×4 to the back framing memberyou'll notice this one is slightly shorter and this is so I can have ashelf to attach a cross member to connect the two sides with those made Inext lay down some more wood glue and attach the two sides

in their respectedplaces note that this woodshed is plenty bigfor her Texas winter but those of you in the colder climates might need a muchbigger unit if that's the case you can easily keep the majority of the buildthe same but make the base longer and push out the side

so that you end upwith the same height as this one but just much whiternow that the sides are in their place I moved to the top and connected them withthat cross brace and since I'm going with an angled back roof I first rippeda bevel on this 2×4 over

on my table saw so that it would match the angle of thesides moving back up to the top I capped off both sides with one last piece againthe board had just a slight curve to it so to get it flush I used anclamp to make it bend to

my will instead of its own I'm not funnyI placed these horizontal framing members here because I knew I wanted toadd a shelf to the woodshed to give myself a way to separate the smallerstarting size sticks from the larger logs to complete the shelf I took ameasurement across the

front then ripped on a 2×4 to attach the important thinghere is to get it level with the existing boards that will make up theside supports for the shelf and to do this I used whatever was close at handwhich was my speed square but even a straight scrap board

wouldwork so secure it I pre-drilled and Tony Aldon a few screws but another optionwould be to use a pocket hole jig now to make the show I went with 3/4 inchplywood however if you don't like the look then you could easily use someonebuy cedar boards and create a

slotted shelf here since I'm using plywood Ifirst cut myself a piece long enough and wide enough to make up the shelf thenuse my track saw to cut this portion out of a larger sheet I think and see myworkbench is pretty messy right now and instead of cleaning it

off to rotate thesheet and reach the other side I simply climbed on top in order toreach the saw next I rotated the track for the saw and made the second cut forthe shelf after getting the body of the shelf cut I laid out the corners whereit would need

to fit around the two by fours and then use a jigsaw to make theactual cuts first after making the shirt the Shelfwould indeed fit in place I lifted it up and applied the glue then throw in a fewscrews so this top portion will be for storing smaller pieces

but I found withseparating wood and starting fires that there's really three stages super smallstuff like bark and thinner pieces for the very start of a fire the stuff thatis a little bit thicker to throw on top of that to build it up some and then thelogs that will

be thrown on top of that to really keep it going so to create athird compartment I threw in a divider on this top shelf once I cut it out andfound the center of that 2×4 I glued and then screwed it into place and that myfriends is the bones

of the unit done let's move on to making it look prettythe plan is to slat all three sides leaving the front open of course to hidethe end grain of the slats I first attached the board the back to act astrim this not only covers the back two by

fours but also overhangs the side ofthe unit just enough to cover the slats I'll be attaching next in fact I used aslot to help line up the overhang of this trim board once I was in place Istarted cutting all of my slots to do this I figured out

how long the sidespot needed to be and then set up a stop block at the miter saw to make cuttingall of these repeatable cuts quick now that I'm attaching the slats you'll seehow that back trim board I placed will come in handy I could take the slots andbutt

them up against the backside of the board and then stick it in place so thetrim board creates a hard stop for aligning all of these slats on the sameline and to attach them I'm once again using type on three on the areas thatwould connect with the framing and

then my 16 gauge Makita brad nailer somethingelse you can do to make the step go quicker is cut a spacer to place inbetween each slot so that you don't have to measure each and every time if you dothis I would recommend checking for level on your unit before

attaching thefirst slot next it was the same process butrepeated with longer cut on the back and then repeated for a third time over onthe second side and I made sure to keep the same spacer as I did on the firstside to also keep the spacing consistent when I

was in the design phase for thisproject I modeled two different versions the slotted version and a fully closedup version I was actually leaning towards the fully clothed versionthinking it would help keep the wood dry and that's best however I asked myInstagram audience for their opinion and it was

pointed out that if I werestoring green wood it would need plenty of air movement to actually dry it outso that is the deciding factor behind going with this open design with thosein place that came back to trim the front to hide the end grain of the slidejust like

I did on the backside earlier all right let's move on to the roof I'mgoing with a corrugated roof that looks like metal but it's actually a silverpainted polycarbonate material made by tough text and you can't find this stuffat the big-box store so it's readily available I decided to

leave more thannormal to try to protect the wood it's had more and hopefully keep it dry evenwhenever it rains once decided I cut all the panels down to the same height usingmy jig saw and as you can see the stuff cuts very quick and very easy then Iused

a special roofing screw that has a rubber washer on them to secure it tothe unit these washers seat around the screw head creating a seal around thehole that you made to prevent water from getting in and at this point I actually thought Iwas done with it however once

I started staging the woodshed to take photosthis front shelf edge really caught my attention in a negative way I reallythought the plywood in green took away the prettiness of the cedar body so Ijust very quickly added in two more pieces of trim to hide it and there wego

that is much better all right and the last step is to apply a finish now withit being built out of cedar you could always leave it raw and let it naturallypatina into the beautiful gray that cedar does over time however I chose toapply an exterior stain put out

the general finishes in the color of cedarthis is one of their 450 stains which has an exterior rated pigment and resinsystem that provides good adhesion and durability it can be applied by a brushor even spraying it on however I went with a roller since the majority of thesurfaces

on this unit are flat and then I just came back with a brush to get allof the in-betweens this is my first time using this finish and something I'mreally loving is that it doesn't require a topcoat however if you do want moreprotection then you could always apply a

few coats of the 450 clear topcoat aswell all right all right and that is really it now it's time to load thisthing up get it out of the shop and moved onto the property where I'mactually gonna be keeping it with the unit being so big it's actually prettylight

and easy to move around if you have two people on hand I actually havea beautiful shed on my property that I plan on converting into a tiny home andon one side there's very spacious overhang that the wood racks seem to fitperfect done and you can't see it in

the frame but I also moved a fire pit closeto the area so that whoever staying in it can enjoy a nice fire in the eveningtime now this location actually worked outbetter than planned but with the overhang of the roof I think the unitwould be okay if it wasn't

under a covered area anyways I hope that youguys enjoyed it it turned out way better than what what I was expecting so don'tforget if you would like to build your own I do have a set of plansand I think that's it for this one I'll see you next


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