sometimes you just gotta take in all ofthe scenery pictures are okay but just to live and breathe in those momentswhen you on a trip just take it all welcome backto discover travel recommendations by Felicia this experience is gonna totallyblow your mind I'm gonna take you on this journey with me seven states in sixdays this tour was available with the company that I normally booked my toursor vacations with and it hit a lot of the national monuments that I reallywanted to see so I booked it and I was out while boarding the flight in NewarkI happened to run into my child a neighbor we were on the same flight andhappened to sit in the same row what are the chances I feel like a big idiotright now so I just saw the comedian luenell and the Las Vegas Airportand I didn't say anything I'm the type of person where I know celebrities liketheir peace of mind but now I'm like turning I should've said something we took over from the Las Vegas Airportto see the world famous Los Vegas sign it was my first time seeing it in his aswell that was so totally cool so this wasn't my first time going to Vegas butI never took a picture with the sign so the it was very organized at the signyou had to wait in line for about 20 to 30 minutes so that everybody got achance to experience and take pictures with the sign without anybody in thebackgrounds so I really enjoyed that I had a few hours to spare before the tourstarted and my neighbor childhood paper was on a business trip so we had thewhole morning to catch up it was so amazing that we parted ways I took overto the stratosphere hotel where the bus tour beganthere is definitely a lot of driving in this trip after leaving the stratospherehotel we drove through the snow Canyon State ParkMojave Desert where they have the Joshua trees as iinnnnn a tional park the RedCliff deserts reserved a lot of things everything is pretty much pre-planned bythe tour company so our accommodations this evening was a three star hotel butit gave us everything that we need Hotel Zion Inn was all right they providedbreakfast as well day two starts with this amazing sunriseas we're on our way to Page Arizona this was a solo trip but let me remind youthat I am with the tour company so there are like 50 other people on this buswith me right now I'm at Horseshoe Bend in Arizona just enjoying nature rightnow the temperature is great it sorta like maybe 68 to 70 degrees and it'svery early in the morning so I like that temperature thank goodness I have mytransition glasses because I actually forgot all my shades at home so I'mblack the next excursion was definitely acheck off my bucket list when you're in Arizona you must doAntelope Canyon it's such an amazing tour look at thatphenomenal you're set up in groups of ten and there's a guide that will takeyou around my guide actually showed me how to do my camera like this so I gavehim a very nice tip in Arizona we were able to get off the bus to see GlenCanyon Dam it barricades the Colorado River and creates Lake Powell at the endof day two we stayed at Ramada by Wyndham Salt Lake City Airport hotelit had all the accommodations it was a three star hotel it has a microwavemini-fridge everything I needed basically for theevening and the plus was that they had breakfast too so I am I am at the GreatSalt Lake of a Utah so welcome to Utah this is the Great Salt Lake that thecity is named for it's a beautiful sunrise this morning just beautiful if you blink too fast you just mightmiss it we had a rest stop in Idaho while traveling from Salt Lake City toJackson Wyoming I made it to the awesome state ofWyoming where I was able to have lunch at TM tiger restaurant where they servePenn Asian cuisine and let me tell y'all oh my goodness the food was so deliciousI definitely recommend you guys having lunch there and it's in Jackson Wyomingthat right there is three feet of snow the day before there was a snowstorm soI'm going through like crazy extremes of weather but right there behind me isGrand Teton mountain this day the weather was about 62 degrees when thebus pulled into Yellowstone National Park Oh faithful and about ten minutes it'sgonna erupt so this is like one of those moments if you miss it you miss it Soland it's pretty chilly out here but making things happen I'll be back Oh faithful so this is the beginning of the hotsprings Grand Prismatic is the third largest hot spring in the world with thewarm temperatures and the wind blowing at the hot springs at some points Iliterally felt like I was having hot and cold flashes it was so Wendy there it does look like a baby bear oh wait we're in front of a tree okayyeah after being on the roll for some time and seeing the bear we pull up towhere we're gonna stay the night and it is in Montana oh my gosh that was atotal surprise to me that's why I love these tours so the hotel we stayed atwas White Buffalo hotel it's close to a five-star hotel and I would recommend itbecause it was within walking distance of a lot of things that we were able toexperience so after we dropped our bags off we went out to go eat walking downthe block in Montana let's Yellowstone area thought I wasgonna be and why tell me but we're right on the tip of Montana so I've made it toMontana I'm having dinner here just for the picture with the Sun so Montana beenthere done that this is the mud volcano area still apart of Yellowstone National Park so we're back on the road again and abuffalo is holding up the bus but let me tell you about this amazing family thatI linked up with why we were on the bus they welcomed me this family right herewelcomed me in like I was a cousin and it worked out perfect because they had ayoung and Tata and I was her friend during the whole trip day four was a little easier we went toBuffalo Bill damn Norris Geyser Basin the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone mudvolcano area and then we finally arrived at our hotel which was the Best WesternTower West Lodge and I would definitely recommend it it is a four-star hotel andI was so happy to be able to go to a swimming pool and the swimming area hada jacuzzi which I was so ready to enjoy I don't know who no but I learned how toswim at the age of 12 and days adventure right now I am walkingthe trail of Devil's Tower it is so grand the reason why I decidedto embark on this journey I am in South Dakota right now and I amwitnessing Mountain rush all my life I've heard about MountRushmore and within the past five years lists that I had to make it there so 32and I am here Mount Rushmore was totally amazing and another place that I highlyrecommend is Crazy Horse Memorial this location is only 17 miles away fromMount Rushmore the history behind Crazy Horse is so intriguing make sure youlook it up or google it but this is a monument that's supposed to look likethat and has been built for the past 71 years and this is all they had right nowI was so intrigued by this mountain it's a national monument of a Native Americanand it's still being built to this day that was our last stop for the day thenwe had dinner at the fort saloon and eatery in Casper Wyoming it's only 3.

9stars and I don't remember the food being so amazing but this was dinner ournight by day six I was so exhausted but it wasstill so much to see independence rock as you see right here was a majorlandmark and regards to the worgen trial make sure you look it up read a littlebit about it right there this was so cute I was able to see a full rainbowwhile while I was on the bus but I had to take three pictures and it turned outperfect the next stop was the Utah Olympic Park where they had the 2002Olympics and they also have a museum and other things to do on-site there we get back on the bus to go to our nextstop which is Utah State Capitol this building was so amazing inside like itwas made with marble gold and it was just so beautifulthere was actually a wedding going on that day so we stayed a few minuteslater just to see them setting up and the insight was just beautifulmy last stop on this tour was the Temple Square a big thinking to this family forletting me hang out with them during this trip you cannot go to Utah and notvisit the Mormon temple square and that my friends is how I did seven states insix days thank you so much for tuning in to work to live not live to workdiscover travel recommendations please feel free to click on previous travelrecommendations on our channel bye bye for now you.

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