hey guys what's going on I'm Lia andyou're watching glamour gadgets and gaming by Lia now nearly all countriesaround the globe have had some sort of stay at home order implemented due tothe unfortunate covert 19 outbreak with lots of people stuck inside and Jim'sbeing closed I guess many of us are scrambling to find different ways tostay fit healthy and in shape during these challenging times it's a greattime to get ourselves in the fitness mode well we don't have much of anexcuse sitting at home especially those of us who are not working and Cassio isencouraging just that with its latest Casio has revealed the g-shock G B D H1000 and optimal watch for daily health monitoring and training and I've beenfortunate enough to get my hands on this master timepiece weeks before its launchI've had it for a week now which is enough time for me to share my overallfeel and experience with it all in quarantine in lockdown with myself andmy beloved g-shock Smart Fitness watch amongst other juicy tech stuff I shallbe sharing with you guys very soon and in the box we have a warranty cardand some user manuals a USB charging cable and Cassio's beastie g-shock GBDh1000 smart watch this casio g-shock smart watch TV is set to be available inthe UK and globally this may so in a couple of weeks time with the price tagof 399 pounds or $399 and it will come in four different colors black red blackand red and the one I have on my wrists black and white I have left the link forit in the description box below for you guys to check out in more detail andmaybe even place your pre-order I will be updating these links closer to thelaunch date in May and for those of you who don't know thisif G shocks first Fitness SmartWatch series which is integrated with advancedperformers analytics from first beat which means we have access to thescientifically personalized insights we need to achieve our goals it comesloaded with solar charging GPS navigation vo2 max to continuouslymonitor the body's oxygen level training load calorie counter personal trainingtime planner a built in Direction sensor heart rate counter personal trainingtime planner and so on this is the real deal when it comes to the premiumflagship health and fitness smart watches no doubt those who are familiarwith the brand will waste no time pre-ordering days the GBDhate a100 has a five sensor function an optical sensor that can measure heartrate by detecting the blood flow under the skin a triple sensor that measuresaltitude and barometric pressure a compass bearing and temperature and anacceleration sensor that measures step count and distance traveledit comes with GPS functionality that acquires around 14 hours of locationinformation then not only does the GPS function track your route distancetraveled and exercise etc you can also receive GPS signals to adjust the watchtime date and time zone so this is great for those who especially like to travelhike Trek and do lots of outdoor adventures the watch does come with USBcharging and it's also capable of both artificial and natural solar chargingwhich means it will automatically charge when worn out and about in the Sunmeasuring at 63 by 55 by 20 point 44 millimeters and weighing 101 grams thewatch has a high-definition memory in pixel LCD with high contrast resin andstainless casing and solid bezels around here with easy to operate large nun slitby a curved comfortable back cover here andsoft urethane band the Casio g-shock display the current time in major citiesas specific areas around the world thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity itfeatures an email notification indicator a phone finder notification which iswithin up to 2 meters signal range and it features a host of other usefulfunctions this beasty Casio g-shock SmartWatch is a solid build and greatfor all-day wear including daily indoor and outdoor use and it's especiallygreat for checking hiking water sports and so on guys its shock resistantvibration resistant as well as 200 meters water resistant and check thisguys now it has a humungous 34 month battery life when in time made withpower saving on 12 month battery life with that power save mode on and guys 18hours of battery life with the training function on with intermittent GPS andheart rate sensor all 12 hours with GPS and heart rate sensor constantly on andguys believe it or not it takes around 2.

5 hours to fully charge this beast onmy wrist guys look at it this solid ultra durablerugged and shock-resistant beasty watch it's comfortable to wear and touch wehave the g-shock logo here on the top hex screws all the way around grippyresin buttons stainless steel case and resin all the way around we have amineral crystal glass on top it's 24 millimeters thick and weighed a hundredand one grams here we have the light button which stays on between one andthree seconds or automatically comes on in the dark adjustments can be made bythe app which I will come to shortly here we have the back button mode buttonwhich changes two different modes the main screen day and date time batterylife and seconds heart rate monitor and Bluetooth connection and this watchsupports iOS and Android the heart rate all-day scanner pops up on all the pageswe have a 100 hour stopwatch digital compass activity page training status ifany plans have been set up notifications now these are supported from yoursmartphone for example emails texts etc here we have the Run button to start arun the timer will start and the GPS tracking activates automatically here the dispersion here showedachievements and daily steps monthly achievements vo2 heartrate differenttime zones and it auto sets a date and time the back here is made of stainless steelwhere we have the heart rate sensor and the charging pins guys now once pairedwith your smartphone via the g-shock move app which is still in better modeand not yet available you can extract the measure data including activitiesthroughout the day as well as calories burnt blood oxygen levels and log travelnow by analyzing the measure data the watch can display an indicator of cardiorespiratory capacity now here you can see in front of you the user guidetraining status dynamic planning distant goals live vlog etc we have one week onemonth and three months logs history very detailed reading and the watch can maketraining schedules based on your daily activities we can customize the homepage with up to 5 settings and guide is packed with both so many features andit's definitely the watch they have if you are a sporty fitness health freakthis sure would be your best friend in tracking motivating you and keeping youon your toes unfortunately due to lockdown I haven't put the watch to itsfull test however if you are after a more detailed review then be sure tofollow chicks on chicks tech reviews who've done a great detailed video onthe watch I will be doing a follow-up to so guys share your thoughts in thecomment box below what do you think of Casio g-shock GBD 1000 do you like itwill it be your next purchase will you be recommending it to friends and familyin my opinion is different to the typical ones that I've been boastingabout recently yet it's the real deal maybe not for my wrist but definitely acollector's item for those who know what Casio is all about here the watch whichdefinitely covers a wide range of all the basic smart functionalities and muchmore people expect quality basics these days and this watch delivers theseaccurately and perfectly well once again the links for it are in the descriptionbox below and I will be updating these closer to the launch date and guys ifyou are into smartwatches then do stick around as I know for sure you definitelylove my next video coming very very soon that's me done for now guys thank you somuch for watching and if you have enjoyed the video kindly hit that likebutton below be sure to comment share and subscribe hit that Bell icon aboveand follow me on Twitter Facebook and Instagram to be notified of my latestvideos giveaways etc until the next one you beautiful people take care stay safebye.

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