We're always in a hurry, we're always online, we lost contact with nature.

And when we travel, we face another problem: mass tourism.

I want to introduce a guy to you, he has a solution to all of these problems: traveling aboard a cargo ship.

Hallo! Joris organises trips aboard of cargo ships.

But before we get into further details, I want to tell you his story.

This is Joris, he used to go to the seaside a lot with his family.

He was fascinated by sailing ships But, I want to let him do the talking.



In the end I was waiting for a captain that would invite me aboard.

And strangely enough last summer, I was babysitting on a sailing boat.

And I saw a little guy with a captain's cap, with his mother walking by.

And I was getting very emotional, because I did what the other captains didn't.

I invited the little captain aboard.

And he was really like “wow.

” He was five years old.

“Wow, really a ship” And we get into the ship and.



You know, it's an experience I will never forget.

And that's what I like to do, to give other people a lifetime experience.

I literally got goosebumps listening to hime But let's talk about cargo ships.

What can we expect from such trips? We offer people the chance to travel as a passenger aboard a freighter ship.

The big difference between the luxury cruises and our trips are: we have maximum 12 people aboard.

and there is no entertainment aboard.

And it's not something you use to get from A to B.

But, being on the way is the purpose.

But, I was wondering, where did his journey start? I was asking myself, how would life be aboard? And after a while I visited the Red Star Line Museum.

And it's all about the 2 million people who came from all around Europe to Antwerp, to go to America, to get a better future.

And I thought to myself, If I get aboard, then it will be from Antwerp to New York.

So it was a 14 day trip, we were 6 passengers, Aboard on the Atlantic Ocean, I was thinking to myself, What will I do? Will I work another 20 years in the graphic design world? Or will I change what I'm doing? And then I decided to offer people the same experience, because it's amazing.

With very good reasons, he founded Cptn Zeppos, an Antwerp-based travel agency.

We are the only dutch speaking travel agency that only offers trips on freighters.

Worldwide, so 86 countries, over 217 ports.



What we offer people is time, if you are on the Atlantic Ocean for six days, and you only see sky and water, it makes you think.

That nature is so much bigger than us.

– I guess you feel very small compared to the nature.

Very very small, you can't escape into your mobile, there is no internet aboard, so no social media.

Clearly I can use some time off screen.

But I was wondering, how can one fill in all of this free time? Watching, reading, doing nothing, nothing wrong with that.

And also talking to the people from the kitchen, chef-kok, captain, first officer, talking about, what life.



what's interesting about life.

Sounds like I would get to know myself better if I were a passenger.

But there are also some practical things that you need to know before you book your ticket.

Your departure can be delayed, can be earlier as agreed.

And also the arrival can depend.

There aren't many free cabins on a ship.

So it's very important to book your trip 6 months before departure.

You have your own cabin, 3 meals a day.

We will always tell our passengers, it's 100 Euros, without the insurance and other expenses.

Some are also cheaper, because it depends on which cabin you choose, on the shipping companies.



Younger people I think, at the moment, they have a problem with the price.

Because they compare it with flying tickets.

Yes, if you see it as a transport, it's slow.

But if we do compare this with flying tickets, we should also discuss the ecological aspect.

It's fair to say, that cargo ships are very polluting, but since these ships are sailing anyway, we might as well use the empty spots aboard.

Yes, those cabins that we offer, are as we call them “empty cabins” so they're not used.

So you hitchhike on a freighter ship, worldwide.

So it's eco-friendly, we'll finally have time for ourselves, we'll get offline, very close to nature, and we will not participate in mass tourism.

Sounds like a perfect solution to me.

Can you imagine yourself traveling aboard a freighter ship? Please tell me in the comments below.

And if you have any questions for me or for Joris, please let us know.

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