all right it's time to hit the gym or the studio or the treadmill or whatever because Canadians love to get fit though how we get fit has changed over the years from five ex2 crossfit it's time to sweat to the oldies and the new ease with a little

then versus now after the Second World War everything changed suddenly there was a strong middle class with free time we could even eat in our cars faster than you can say suburban commute or office job rural outdoorsy Canada had put a Freshman Fifteen on its bones and people

started to notice everything people in Canada is not are not as fit they might be the male population oh okay that sounded mild but His Majesty was definitely throwing shade and the world Canadian Air Force at least was listening they realized that putting aircrew thousands of miles away

from the nearest why might make for some pudgy pilots so they developed 5bx and later xbx for women which sounded like a jet engine prototype it's not mystical the V axis stands for basic exercises and the five and the five B X stands for five there are five

exercises and the X and the women's program stands for 10 the roman numeral for 10 the resulting booklet went global in 1961 selling 23 million copies and was translated into 13 languages for the average woman in the 60s it was hard to find time to exercise so many

of us find that we're running around the house we've got kiddies at home and they're always so tired that we haven't got any time to give ourselves a facial or it's out and do those exercises it was also hard to escape gendered expectations around exercise the latest thing

was a mild program of stretching without warming up a little potentially dangerous spinal flexion and absolutely zero aerobic work but neither royalty nor leotards was enough things were getting dire and in 1973 Canadians received a major shock the average 30 year old Canadian isn't about the same physical

shape as the average 60-year old Swede Swedes in one devastating stroke participations kickoff campaign managed to get us outraged and off the couch we got serious about getting our warrior pose right and our miles in runners live in their own world they drink special lemonade a dollar a

package they read their own Bible Runner's World magazine circulation this month 300,000 runners like to read about running also runners gather in tribes and sacrifice the sweat bands to the goddess Artemis in hopes of a good harvest if you couldn't run you could arroba size and width aerobics

came spandex there was nothing subtle about the eighties every year brought a new trend that a doughy report is scratching their heads even having a regular place to workout was strange and confusing Bambi Arneson went to a Toronto gym to find out how and why it's done these

zealots argue at great length that all this actually feels good in fact we didn't even need a gym trying to tighten that tummy with back-breaking pain making time taking boy Denari sit-ups now work smarter with the abdomenizer this genius product targeted just one area of your body and

let the rest take care of itself thanks Canadian doctor Dennis colonnello by the late 80s there were thousands of ways to get in shape but what to choose Canada needed a fitness Savior and we got two of them body break with Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod Hal Johnson

and Joanne McLeod so happy so healthy there are peppy guides to good health and amazing mustaches but in the 90s just being fit didn't cut it 90s Fitness came with attitude skates became blades skis became boards skateboards became bigger skateboards aerobics wasn't enough now you had to kick

ass biking wasn't enough now you had to bike harder free weights weren't enough now you had to have a whole gym in your house the more serious we became the more intense the fitness bag we took our food without carbs our shoes with toes and our yoga with

extra heat no longer did we stop the insanity we braced it and the new millennium has been if anything even more intense there isn't a place we won't workout on a floor on a pole on a boot ok I thought that was something else and we've gone high-tech

in the process today health conscious Canadians have taken workouts to a new level with circuit training programs like CrossFit yes this high-intensity series of exercises that wait a minute ah so if there's one thing we can learn from our fitness past that everything comes back around good thing

I kept my spandex leotard see you on the beach Canada for more three more two more

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