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– You ever think about what you want to be when you get older? – You.

– I mean, as a job.

– We had a revealing moment for Jamie.

– Harvard? – Congratulations, son.

– I didn't apply to Harvard.

– I applied for you.

– John tells him, 'You've gotta be lawyer.

' 'I mean, you've gotta gooff to the East Coast.

' And for Jamie, this is crushing.

And not at all, I think, whereJamie was wanting to head.

– You always say that youdon't respect lawyers.

– Well, become one that I can.

– Our sons and daughters maybe wanna be about something more.

For those that are living on the ranch, the world is moreinteresting than the ranch.

It's bigger.

And that's caught up to the Duttons, that not everyone is just inlove with this way of life.

– Words are weapons now.

I need you to learn how to use 'em.

– I don't know what exactlyhe thought he was gonna do, but I know he thought hewould be at the ranch, and helpful in a ranching sense.

And I think maybe he evenhad a bit of skill there, but his father didn't see it that way.

And doing that to someone, and having to, sort of, live his life not by hischoice, and go to school, not his choice, is veryhard, I think, on Jamie.

I think he's able to do it, but I think it's something he can never let go.

It's not who he is as a person.

He's not a politician or a lawyer.

He might be good at it, butthat's not what his core is.

And seeing his father takethat away from him, I think, then it can inform laterwhy Jamie's so unstable underneath this sort ofshow of being put together.

– You don't deserve this.

– He's actually in shambles, and has been for decades.

– If what she wants is ruiningthis ranch with some story about me, then you actlike my fucking lawyer.

Sue her and her fuckingmagazine right back to New York.

You understand? – That, in turn, playsitself out in the situations that are before him.

Jamie's grown up around violence.

He knows about the violence on the ranch.

He's also, obviously, notin control of his emotions.

– The thing I said weren't true.

Some things I said violateattorney-client privilege.

I could be disbarred.

– Then there's this momentwhere Sarah's telling him that she's gonna run it.

You made a mistake, your dad's a bad man, and you're gonna have to pay for that.

– I can't tell you thepleasure that it gives me to be the one taking it.

– And I think these areall a list of things that Jamie can't handle, and I think he panics, doesn't know what he's doing.

I don't know if he'sthinking he wants to just go hurt her or something, butit leads to knocking her out.

He tried to think his way through it.

He thinks that the onlychoice he has is to kill her.

Playing out the moment of murdering Sarah, I was trying to think ahead of it, and decide, well, what's the drive? What's the final factor? It was nothing I could thinkof, which occurred to me that that's just a moment of panic.

You know, and that wasall really tricky to do.

(man screams) I think he decides to go toRip, partially, because Rip's the guy who handles stuff likethis when there's a problem.

– What happened? – What's really cool is thatWes and I got to work together, first of all, because wedidn't get a chance to do that in year one, so that wasa real cool experience.

– I love working with Cole, and he's a good friend, and we were trying to getthem to get us together in the first season.

– He comes to me, and atfirst I said, you know, I'm just a wrangler.

I'm happy to do that, you know, and just be a wrangler this year.

I think it's a relief for Ripin so many ways, you know? Like, he can just go have fun.

He can go do the daily chores.

And so when I say thatto Jamie, he means it, and he's not interestedin helping him out.

– I think even Cole had theidea of, in this moment, where Jamie decides to go to Rip, Cole and Taylor bothseized upon with the idea of saying well how about, you know, Jamie reminds Cole that they're friends.

– Rip, please.

I always treated you likean equal, like a friend.

– And he ends up comingand saying some really beautiful things about notonly how our relationship's always been throughout ourlives, but also, you know, how he needs Rip at this time.

– And we had this momentwithin this moment.

We were like, wait, they're friends? They're close? – Just stay here, don't move.

– There's a brotherly connectionto Rip that we haven't been able to explore until this moment.

– I think he kind of hearsthat, and he takes the body, and him, and kind of comes upwith a plan to get rid of it.

– It's a strange moment instorytelling where you can combine two things into one, and they did a great job of doing that.

– Jamie and Rip, I don'tthink they ever really had any animosity.

Even when, you know, JohnDutton was mean to Jamie in Season One.

He didn't like it.

After the fight with Kayce, I said, Now, Jamie's your son, too, you know? And that really goes backto, hey, you know what? Why don't you, you know, give this kid a chance versus just Kayce.

– It was also a great momentfor me to know that Jamie had friends at the ranch, growing up, and that there was someone whohe's actually connected to.

– Go jump in that car and follow me.

– As far as Walker's concerned, I think he sees it as an opportunity to make himcomplicit in the crime, and that's something thatis gonna pay dividends, obviously, later.

– I think the fact thatWalker really had been defying every, you know, thing that Rip's ever told him to do from the get-go has just enraged Rip to the uttermost, like, to the end.

Finally, Rip gets him, you know? I don't know if Rip reallywants to kill Walker or not, but he wants to get himunder his thumb somehow so he can use him for his, you know, for his benefit.

And he gets him, finally does.

I don't know what's gonnahappen after this, but it's on.

– You want off this ranch, you got it.

We get back, I'll drive yourass to the train station myself.

– You ain't fucking driving me anywhere.

– Going to the trainstation is, more or less, going to meet your makerat the hands of Rip.

– I'll take you.

– Yeah, I think Rip thinks it's a mistake letting a branded guy gowho knows what he knows about not only the ranch, butabout all of us is a mistake, and I think it'll come backto bite him in his ass.

– I won't forget this.

I owe you one.

– I'm sure you'll get achance to return the favor.

– [Woman] The body has been identified as Sarah Nguyen from New York.

– I think if John Duttoncould close his eyes and he could wipe away all the mistakes, he would be just as happyto be on that ranch, moving cattle pasture to pasture.

Dealing with legitimateproblems of a fence needs to be fixed.

It's enough for him.

It's always been enough for him.

But the world's more complicated, and Yellowstone is complicated.

– There's just one crushingmoment after the next.

One terrible desperatemoment after the next, which is a dream as an actor, but it's a challenge as a human being.

– How do we move on from this? – I had no choice.

– There's always a choice.

You could have jumped in the river.

– I think, actually, in thatscene, it was harder for Kevin playing a dad who might saythat than it was playing Jamie because what I found inthat scene is it was kind of a moment where it'sexactly what he expected his father to do.

And maybe, for the first time in his life, he realized that maybe that's not okay, and maybe this all isn't okay.

Maybe his father is not the heroic cowboy he once thought he was.

(ominous tone).