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[Music] all right kid I get that food down we got a long hunt just in front of us we're silver city marshal I don't know what you're talking I never even been down in the Silver City you save it for the judge now coming into Cimarron on that Freight stealing that horse that yeah I mean that I did but know what you said let me read you something in a holdup party excited suspect name unknown age 20 red hair oh here complete a thousand guys can look like that maybe so identifying marks across the right knuckles mo da gr now that's you add this to it leg irons that lads barely weed that lads wanted in Silver City New Mexico boyish pranks like you shooting people in the back I hope it hasn't been too bad for you here ma'am I only got arrested a long time ago if I no need fed like this in jail same as you getting away Ferris maybe but there I'd have to pay for it I hear the government does mmm this is just as good as more used to put out that's too bad what is mom it's your birthday in three days I was hoping I could be there now that is too bad thought I could send her a telegraph no I'm sure the marshal will send one for you a telegraph from the marshal about me that's some birthday present I could send it for you would you why not just a minute well I I never had much of a hand for uh uh-huh of course just tell me what you want to say much obliged send this to my aunt stead of my mom always said nothing came over those wires Sept and disaster I understand go on hope to be there for Mom's birthday can't on my way to Silver City with a friend for business that's good yeah on business I'll write you when I get there Jim Mon kiss for me bud how's that fine the address little leave a Holmen Mayans kind of tiny folks always call her Little Miss Eva Holman all the way house Roya Grandy she'll know just how to handle everything [Music] but that stick it away before I cut you up into bacon you're a little bit messed up more than your bank job I gotta and cimarron they're taking him back to Silver City I gather you'll be leaving me by blue right now what's on 25 for a hog Nero three weeks and 25 for keeping these old lips sewed up losing Barden rates that cleans me out well there's enough to buy candles for your mama's birthday cake make an O you the 50 mm here we take the cash and let the credit go that's what I thought be careful of that fowling-piece there are men upstairs worth more to the law than you are honey they're tame you limb from limb if you touch a hair of this old head don't believe they would Jake saddled your horses can hardly wait to get rid of us can you amigo I thought you said Jake saddled the horses got a feeling he did crazy we rolled in on good ponies you ain't gonna get away with it hey these ain't no horses those are the horses you rode in on don't give me that didn't they Jake how about it dummy I guess we did Lobo a couple of days right and they'll be krob a couple of days and you'll be at the border take my advice cross over you stink of bounty nobody hangs my brother [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] guys country ate it [Music] [Applause] looks like some good water let's rest a spell well I sure ain't no hurry fill it up Indian world ain't even a scratch on the map there's a livery in the middle of town any law nothing I see but there's a few horses worth taking no dice they'll be bringing bud down the fort Union supply trail I don't talk into a posse of local Yahoo's hounding a butt for a stolen plug you were ain't gonna get five miles if you don't have that off clean Oh Billy I know you wait here I'll be right back all right turpentine 3007 others shoes give you more alone half a day without it every day's all indeed when I seen you someplace you know you you know how it is cowpoke's coming through here all the time I I don't remember faces Sean go home a little you here go get your lunch I just did then go tell your mom coming from mine why do what you're told kids these days they fit mind I'm gonna get a rasp and take all that edge for you [Music] [Music] all right now yeah you cleaned out the hood good shetland what kind of a shotgun on the stock was silver all over it was silver what else yeah give this hat with a band it sparkled come soon let's go [Music] [Music] that then that's but we can't risk any gunshot it might be a posse on face just fall onto the camp for the night and then take them quiet [Music] then there's that then get some shut-eye we're gonna break cap before daylight I can't sleep with this thing on again [Music] 24 is easy [Music] [Music] what cage diesel earn his best [Music] [Music] [Music] I don't trouble my boss backtrack if I was you you drop that rifle or drop it you live a lot longer you go for that distil nice and easy on the ground you got a big heart don't you you see a man chained up you want to undo it now you walk over to that fire so I can get a look at that face and I'll be ashamed now let's see what you look like good [Music] no no forget the marshal buts hurt we gotta get out of here now go get horses Lobo go get the horses Oh what I'm sorry I didn't see you it was an accident but it was an accident I didn't see I always trying to gun – marshal come on we gotta get you out of here we got to get some help [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] how would you like me to crack you one right now side of that hip oh pardon me ma'am what's the matter if you ever seen a woman before oh you don't expect I run across one night out in the middle of nowhere well you learn something new all the time yeah one does doesn't one what is very hospitable of you to stop what made you change your mind females privilege change in her mind you're looking for a lift I'd appreciate one climb up that chairs be good for anybody to swallow US Marshal Jason to man are you men no horse only a shotgun don't have me explain it to you again it was embarrassing enough for first night expect to keep after him like that yeah that's my job sheriff over at Indian Wells he ought to give me a head lend me a mountain an extra side of Sheriff vomit and jails cost money wouldn't work with any Wells don't believe in laying out and make their own laws with their own guns and their own ropes you make it sound like the Dark Continent they got a telegraph office here don't they they're just starting to change from candles to cold oil lamps mr.

marshal you'll have to head back the way you came if you want help well one of the men I'm tracking his wound oh I don't think you'll be going too far to fact oh well this is where I turn off Indian Wells and straight ahead little over mine well thank you thank you very much you can adorn company both what's my father he left it to me as well well thank you Miss Kevin Jesse Jesse you know you're just about the prettiest mule Skinner I ever came across [Music] [Applause] [Music] take it easy it's okay you'll be alright if you race for a while I gotta pack that moon [Music] [Music] hello anybody here [Music] Hey anybody something you wanted why didn't you answer me when I call I wasn't sure I heard what's the matter with this town looks deserted most everybody is out and you haven't got a sheriff not in this town mr.

Chandler's nearest to it he's out too well his role is he for Sayer it's for sale what are you asking for him well I can't say if we're clear I always prized that room kind of highly well I'll give you $40 40 yeah 40 dollars and 10 for the bridle and the saddle if you throw in the blanket $50 I talk you down to 35 and if I wasn't in such a hurry business Mike it is you're gonna cut off 425 The Fool little store open yeah no no no I mean no nothing's open just Forbes what's Forbes soon his horse yeah I'm ready for trail and next 10 minutes with a bill of sale now can you handle that on your own well I got me a boy around here somewheres about howdy howdy [Music] yeah the sign outside says you have food lamb fries and swamps eat fresh on stove best you eat this I de Grandy some wet yeah where you down from the hills I don't but the way you looked never stopped a man he was in a hurry I got me one cardinal rule is give me that beer beard yeah did you say the food was ready yeah yeah sure right ozzie service I've seen better and I've seen worse you're right about this service you said you're gonna have that horse ready for trial in ten minutes well it was I've been having a time finding a saddle to suit you there well you put that bridle on them uh find the saddle [Music] [Music] where's that bill of sale I'm about to get shot for stealing a horse I just paid $40 for I'll make it out for you you do that I'll need your name for this paper its crown see our o/w in desert I'm taking a long time to get to it I just wanted to hear how you call yourself you didn't see our OWA in the United States Marshal similar on a long way from a home marshal on business without a mount without a badge new style for a lawman are you listened to me and you listen to me real good I'm only gonna tell you once I was taking a prisoner to Silver City and I was bush white by a couple of his friend I lost him my badge my gun everything now those are the facts facts um who's your prisoner a kid bank robbery suspect at a Silver City what's his name I don't know he gave me a couple of different one who was friends I don't know that either that's scatter gun that belong to one of them hmm they made you a present you heard all you're gonna hear hmm the facts that's right and I'm going after those men you know the penalty for standing away of a United States Marshal nope but I don't think we have to worry about a ton he's more than one let him go don't take too long mr.

Chandra he's awful up Santa sure sure Shawn it was a terrible thing happen to your father but you said you saw a man a stranger he wore a special kind of hat you said with a band it sparkled and there was something else it a shotgun you said the stock had silver in it all over Shawn is this demand is this the man that killed your paw now you just hold on Shawn now we've got the axe head boys got it all wrong if he saw I had my shotgun belong to the man that killed his father we got a duty of our own to perform marshal to take him home Olek boy take a good look at me you might have seen that hat and a shotgun but you've never seen me before and you're a whole life have you ever seen me get him out of here Chad okay get a rope you got hanging fever right or wrong it doesn't make any difference you just want to hang somebody you a dirty mongrel killer this a private party or can anybody join Deborah you moon but moon Sheriff Pecos County Texas I don't believe it right what do you want em no been dug in for two months I'm not losing now killed our blacksmith five more ahead of him Pecos County's got first hangin rights we caught him bronzed us I'm gonna make you trade you give me a dead body I'll give you one you give me a live body [Music] all right we're gonna go get your voice nice and easy Billy Boy watch your Hangul improper [Music] Hey we can't stay here any longer we can't go it's daylight there's bound to be a posse oh we're not going anywhere anyway the way is and you know it he's my brother I'm staying with well he's not my brother well you do what you want bill I didn't bust you lose to bury you now you shut up with that kind of talk what are you waiting for [Music] [Music] you think you got away with it so far it looks like it yeah until mr.

Chandler starts thinking you've already started no I finished you sprung me loose with a gun without papers without a badge Pickens County lies to the east we're heading west you're a bounty hunter oh well I hope January as fast as you how much do you get $5, 000 oh that's tough money mm-hmm you ain't worth a cent less Billy Boy bill Baylor that who I'm supposed to be don't start that again now you heard me talking to Chandler you can save your breath that story don't get any better with age yeah put these on $5, 000 million dead or alive go ahead and pull the trigger you're gonna save yourself a lot of trouble whenever I can help but I let the hangman do his own dirty work anyway afford a ride with a dead body in what you'd call Pleasant but for that kind of money I'll put up with it if I have to all right I want to see your face when you try to collect anyway you got a key for it yeah luck [Music] [Music] [Music] come on who is it there's Jim groan crown I'm sorry I broke in on you like this you sure didn't get very far did you well I ran into a little trouble into town could have told you that come on out it feels like I'm talking to air well um come on I'm protected listen you can see through a wall you're hurt oh just a little piece well why didn't you say something well this isn't exactly the place to have a conversation get on in there and take your shirt off I'll be in to patch you up in a minute all right is anybody at home nobody here but me and the mules worst luck [Music] it's got a large have to work in those mules and I leave you smelling like rosewater and lilac now that's gonna do a fine lot of good company whiskey freighters combine out against you over the good old times got to be hospitable good for the meals too and they got a call hold still Oh can't be no worse than when you got it yeah it does smart if you don't look so good but it ain't bad I've seen worse cuts from a meal skinners black snake wrap it up keep it clean you should be good as new inside a week what no what I was just thinking I know the way I keep rattling on habit comes from living alone I guess yes you're quite a gal Oh with a big heart as well never could pass by any sick critter you're gonna tell me how this happened oh do I have to I know you went into town with that fool story about being a marshal and they sent you packing well where's the net it was a killin and they figured it was me because of the shotgun one left behind by that feller jumped you yeah he was the killer but I got the label before him lucky you got away well I had him but I jumped from the frying pan into the fire a bounty hunter he made the same mistake he gave me those people where I can get away mister with what's been happening to you you sure could write a book Jessie hmm you said that fools story you don't believe it either oh yeah well I want you to level with me it's still a big hunk to swallow so far nobody's told me any different so uh I'll get it down well I'll settle for then and thanks for the patch John oh sure you can't wear that come on I can't walk around have immediate well let me wash it first I'm good time I know I still got some of my father's stuff in a trunk upstairs there to be a shirt or something I am I want to believe you Marshall there's that pussy from town Chandler that puffed-up busybody get in the kitchen I'll handle it know about that you're in my side of the story now you're gonna hear this I'll make up my own mind and get Jesse Jesse Jesse Jesse you home yeah yeah I'm coming and we lost their trail a couple miles back that they can't be too far off now whoever be coming all the way out here mr.

Chandler I would be Jesse anytime yeah it's funny how this place always draws polecats this is serious Jesse these men are dangerous killers you just said one of them was a sheriff from Texas Sheriff my hat I said he was pretending he's an outlaw a Confederate saved his friend he tricked us that wasn't hard to do all right mr.

Chandra I understand you got a problem what do you want me to do right out with a posse glad to have you Jessie when you watch for these men Jessie if you see them let me know at once all right mr.

Chandler now will you be here listen I get an invite someplace you're on Jessie come on on into town and have a drink I prefer the company of my mules Thank You Jessie they want you bad do you think they'll be back could be I gotta get out of here well I got a couple of tired mules they won't do you much good well can you get me a horse I went to Indian Wells and all of a sudden asked for horse people start getting nosing they ask questions well what's the next nearest town Delray about 20 miles from here that's too far to walk I could take you dizzy you've done enough for me I'm grateful I don't want to take the chance of maybe you getting hurt I appreciate your worrying about me because I'm a woman it's been a long time it's like nobody ever noticed but the only way you're gonna get past that posse whether you like it or not is to hide my wagon marshal [Music] oh dish Oh Oh [Music] shame you have to work so hard miss I mean with the mules and the freight haulin that sort of thing that's nothing for a lady the way I see it who are you what do you want well I thought maybe you could help me miss Cabot I'm a sort of a hunter welcome for a very special kind of help the real money kind around here well yeah I don't know where to look and I know there's real good bounty in this game better and good if you were mine for that kind of hunter you'll make no mistake about it Missy's pure coyote big mouth that greens all the time Willa fancy table always trying to figure out how to sink those teeth of his into your throat yeah I've been after Billy Boy for a long time I guess I know about all his moves he's got him down about perfect yeah well if you don't mind he's a real fancy with miss Billy border it gets people feeling sorry for him makes up stories like you never heard I remember once he almost had the whole town going against his own sheriff and women how women are the best for him believe anything he says do anything to help him I sometimes think I'd like to change places with him right up to the new side is just to have a woman field about me like I feel about him he's really something this Billy Boy for sir I'm sure you're not that kind of a sparrow miss nope well I just want you to know by understand it's very important for me to catch up with him $5, 000 a lot of money I could do with less I'd be willing to split $2, 500 to anybody to help me catch him well you think about it I figure he'll be head of solid be covering that ground myself on the road down to Silver City you have to be down that way hear anything about him let me know like I said even split $2, 500 for anybody helps me nail him you could do a lot for this place with that kind of money I'll be saw the Dominus [Music] Oh [Music] alright Jesse it's up to you yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] safe enough now that was a bumpy night how much further hours yeah let's go brats are you doing dad I'll stick you only need one friend at his funeral there's a Shack up ahead anybody living in it another with rats better look that's good enough let's go oh you're pretty handy better than most you got to be proud of it there's nothing wrong with being a mule Skinner no I never said there was most women I know they'd rather sit in the parlor yeah that's fine as they got a man provide looks to me like like your peb II left you one of the headaches you didn't have anything else why don't you sell out a mangy mules mustard I'm wagon worn-out barn I'm sure gonna get a lot for that might surprise you you might get enough to get away from all this so I could sit in the parlor knit and be a lady huh Jesse you are lady is his lady Di's my paw he said mule skinning or whatever anyhow ain't sellin Cavan company stays in business long as I got a breath in well it's gonna take more of breath to keep this outfit rolling he's gonna take hard cash yep [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] – bill that no one's gonna collect get the horses I decide I'll have to hold you till we can get you to a doctor but get out of here soon as it gets dark how they need water and that'll Shack down there that's one of our relay stations and just take up with them it's a wagon sure use that for bird look who's riding on that seat will ya [Music] hey water troughs getting kind of low I'll get it for you Marshall howdy ma'am mr Turner back there somewhere didn't you Marshall I I never is alright Jesse alright Billy it's bounty time let's go you're still whistling that same old tools project $5, 000 makes awful pretty music and that $5, 000 is probably halfway to Mexico by now and that sweet music is turning sour fast yeah Toombs get a little flat too Billy no ma'am just ease that down here got no quarrel with you ma'am we're wasting time Billy why don't you save us some all right move jam you prisoner mm-hmm that's the way I see it I'm gonna deposit you in Silver City fine just where I want to go there's a long stretch in jail waiting for the man who interferes with a marshal and you're gonna have time there to think about what you could have done with that $5, 000 no no you ain't gonna talk me out nothing or I don't want doing that anymore until the city is just where I want to go the law they'll be able to identify me after you still got those handcuffs why don't you use him you're bluffing why don't you call him come on bounty hunter now wait a minute wait a minute if you ain't built better where is he well like I was saying he's probably halfway to Mexico by now now you gonna stand around and talk are we gonna ride let's go you better go home Jesse and thank you thank you for everything will you be coming through here on your way to Cimarron I'll make it a point wait on the right side and potato girl bill bill take it easy bud she's coming in take it easy man all we want you away Lobo tire up easy came from Jesse Shaq how they come on I don't see you they must have heard it you gotta get out of here bud he's finished and so you finna leave mouth and what I cried you'll feel a little bit [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] got a hole in it ought to let some of your hair [Music] Belair coming out one way or the other don't debate it too long don't what's the use better all right crowd it's all over I'll give up all right then move outside where I can see you don't shoot marshal my brother's dead [Music] there has been a long trip for both of them [Music] oh Shannon don't I know Shannon door I long hi this time you got me washing my mule you uh heading back for Cimarron mm-hmm yeah just one was a stop by and say goodbye thank you glad I could help next time you come around more peaceable cooking up a good meal all right like that the way I see it while you fit better in the kitchen then you do behind a pair of mules the way I keep seeing it myself but I gotta have a somebody to cook for though well you will Jesse I can wait goodbye Marshall good luck Thank You Jessie [Music] [Applause].