Best Of Fear Factor: Drowning, Heights, & More ๐Ÿ˜ฑ #AloneTogether

– [Ludacris] Start the water.

(beep) The water is rising, feel it.

It's coming for you.

– [Cory] Laying in the box, with the water coming in your face, the bar over your neck, Istarted hyperventilating.

'Cause my biggest fear is to drown.

– [Ty] It felt like I was in a cage.

It was keeping me down, Icouldn't lift my head up, I couldn't breathe.

– [Ludacris] Three, two, one, go.

Starting the clock.

– [Jennie] When the hose started running, I started freaking out.

But I kept hearing Hanna, like, oh you got this Jennie, just happy thoughts, think about the money.

– You're Okay, you're okay, yeah.

– Oh that's fast bro.

– It's a big-ass waterfountain, that's all it is.

Here's your phone, 50 g's, or the phone.

– [Hanna] I felt prettyconfident about it, 'cause we practiced for this, you know, so we're good.

But, I rely on my phone every single day, what am I gonna do without my phone? – Hanna, I think your mom iscalling you right now though.

I'll just tell her you'rebusy, don't worry about it, I got you.

Oh! – Oh! – [Hanna] My phone has completelysubmerged in the water.

– Don't worry about your phone floating in the water right now.

– But, I still have tolike, act like I was fine and brave, for her, you know.

You're okay, breathe.

– Breathe, breathe.

– What are you gonna do with the money? Make more money! – Remember, at any moment, if you ready to tap out, pull that Fear Factor flag.

– Take your last breath.

– Hold your breath.

They not giving up yet, no giving up.

– Nice, she's about totap, she's about to tap.

– Pull it.

[Ludacris] Time.

All right.

(cheers) – Hanna you pulled it, not me.

– I know.

Just breathe, you're okay.

Jennie, you're okay.

– [Shay] I feel like, really, really nervous about being shackled down, and notbeing able to like, get out.

– [Ludacris] Fill the tank.

– It is a little anxiety, I'mhaving a little about this.

– [Ludacris] Three, two, one, go.

– Put your hand in the air.

Go down, down, no, no, no, no, no.

Come up, go down, down, no, don't touch the screen.

Go down, don't touch the screen! – Left, you're wrong, no, no, no, no.

– Down, down, down, go diagonally.

– [Ludacris] That wateris rising really fast.

– Yep, going, keep going, good.

– [Mike] I'm kinda freakingout, because it's cold water, it's freaking freezing.

– Up, up, up, up, up, nowyou diagonal right, up, up, diagonal, diagonal, diagonal, diagonal, diagonal, diagonal.

– [Ludacris] Now one wrongmove, and they're gonna have to start all over again.

– Good, good, up, up, up, up, up, up, 9274.

9274, 9274.

– [Ludacris] Now we'vegotta get those locks off, get to safety, it'sgetting up to his head.

– [Mike] I'm really goodat holding my breath, from singing and vocal training, but man, the water is rising, Idon't have that much time.

Every second counts, I'm like, oh my God, I have to get this lock through.

– [Shay] Come on babe, you got this.

– [Ludacris] It is impressivethough, he hasn't come up for air yet.

All right, he's got it.

Oh, he doesn't have it.

– [Shay] 9274.

What is happening? You have the numbers, whyisn't it going through? My whole body was gonna beunder water, so I'm just hoping my husband is coming to save me.

– He doesn't want to be responsible for letting his wife drown.

– Come on babe, come on, come on.

– They keep repeating thecode over and over again.

– [Shay] I still havea little bit more air, like my chin is up, so I can breathe, but the water is rising, it's very scary.

– He's got it! All right, he's looking for the key now.

– Open your eyes.

– [Ludacris] I don'tknow why he's swimming, he should be floating.

– Open your eyes, open your eyes.

– [Ludacris] All right, he's got the key.

– [Shay] Come on, come on.

– And, time! Remember this is good foryour spine, going down.

Make sure you grab hold of that rope.

All right, start the water.

– I'm not gonna drown in here.

– [Ludacris] Time will startwhen the water hits their nose.

– [Contestant] It was ice cold, immediately makes me short of breath.

I mean, your body just kindof freezes for a second.

Deep breaths in, relax, breathe now.

Breathe deep now.

As long as you can, brother.

– [Ludacris] All right, the clock is starting.

– Take a deep breath, while you still can.

Keep breathing.

– Looks like Zack is underwater, he's already holding his breath.

Cody's still got his mouth above water.

(beep) (beep) – Panicking, he's panicking.

– [Ludacris] He's still not under yet.

Water is rising fast.

Zack is starting to struggle a little bit.

– I can't do this.

Zack's really freakingout, I'm really terrified, I mean, this is like FearFactor on a whole nother level.

(dramatic music) (beep) – [Ludacris] Good job guys! – We're gonna, like, compete to the finish.

It's gonna be hard.

– [Kyrie] Gonna sit in the cockpit, and hope to not drown.

Come hell or high water, we're gonna do all we can to win this 50000 dollars.

– [Ludacris] Three, two, one, go! And he's off.

– Let's go man, let'sgo, let's go, let's go.

Find it, this side, thisside, this side, this side.

– The water is filling the cockpit fast.

– Left to right, left to right.

Does it work? – This is the one that gave you a lot of trouble right here Hanna.

– [Hanna] It's the first one.

– [Ed] The techniquewith going left to right, just helped me, go through each lock.

– Left to right, left to right.

– Go, go, go, go.

– All right, he's got the first lock.

– You got it man, whooh, this water's filling up fast.

Got a little nervous, because I was like, probably a little bit heavier, so sinking a little faster.

Come on man, come on, more, more, come on.

– The plane is sinking fast.

– [Contestant] He'sstruggling, he's struggling.

[Kyrie] More, I'munderwater, more, come on.

– All right, he's got the third lock.

And the plane is sinkingfast, Kyrie and Ed, just have three more locks to remove.

– You got this, you got this, bro.

– He's gonna get stuck.

– Yeah, he's gonna get stuck.

– Come on, the water's filling up.

You got this, you got this, bro.

You got this.

– Oh, he's slowing down tremendously.

– He is slowing down.

[Kyrie] Come on! Okay, okay.

– [Ludacris] They have to pick up the pace if they have any chance ofbeating Hanna and Hailey's time.

– Come on, I'm going underman, I'm going under.

– [Ed] Our strategy is, tokeep as calm as possible.

If you're trying to swim too fast, you get tired really quick.

– [Kyrie] Last one, last one, last one.

– [Ed] But also lose, if you go too slow.

– [Ludacris] Oh, he'sdefinitely taking his time.

– He is strugglinbg.

– [Kyrie] Push through! Push through! (beep) – [Ludacris] Time is ticking.

– Open, open! – Oh, he can't open.

He can't open it.

– [Ludacris] He's havingdifficulty opening the door.

Kyrie has gotta grab thatflag to stop the clock.

And time! – [Ashley] This corkscrew isthe last thing before we get 50000 dollars, so we know, we have to conquer this.

– Otherwise I'm gonna drown.

– [Ludacris] All right, time to beat is, one minute, eight seconds.

– Three, two, one, go.

– Don't go, don't goyet, he did not say go! (laughs) – You got it, go, go, go.

Move your legs, liftyour leg, lift your legs, lift your legs.

– [Ludacris] They're sinking fast now.

– [Ashley] When we wereunder the water more, I was literally floating.

I don't know how, but I was just, started going with this screw.

And it made it easier.

– She is way ahead of him right now.

– [Ludacris] Focus, focus.

– Hey Nick, you're about to drown.

– Stalling from behind.

– [Ludacris] He's underwater.

They're starting to struggle.

– [Ashley] Come on.

– You're about to drown! – I was underwater, I was thinking, I was definitely about todrown, but I just had to go as fast as possible, hoping that I keep my head above water.

You got it.

– [Ludacris] Oh, he's tryingto reach, he's going to get it.

– Grab it.

– We already won! Just give up! – Grab it, grab it, grabit, come on, come on Nick.

Come on! Can I grab it? Go, go, go.

Go, baby go.

– And, time! – Come on, come on, come on, let's go.

When I was above the water, Iwas just trying to stay calm, and stay focused and tryingto think of a strategy to go as fast as I can.

Let's go baby, let's go.

– [Ludacris] Women versus the men.

– Let's go! – Three, two, one, go.

– Here we go.

– [Ludacris] All right, Daiquanand Cooper, the time to beat is one minute, two seconds.

(dramatic music) (beep) He's off.

– Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.

Come on Cooper, let's go! Let's go, bro! – The first key doesn't work.

All right, throwing that one away, he's going for the second one.

– Come on Cooper! – [Cooper] The time to get him out, was really a big priority for me.

He doesn't like smallspaces, and he doesn't like water at all.

– [Ludacris] All right, he's got the second key, he's going for it.

How you feeling ladies? – Nervous.

– Come on bro, come on bro, come on bro.

– [Ludacris] Second key, does not work.

30 seconds down.

– Come on, 30 seconds.

– Throw it away, going for the third key.

Uh-oh, he's struggling a little bit.

He's gotta catch his breath, he's trying to come up for air.

– Come on Cooper, comeon Cooper, let's go, bro! Come on Cooper! – [Ludacris] All right, he'scoming out for the third key, this could be it, it's the third key.

– Come on.

– [Ludacris] Oh, he got it! – Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

– [Ludacris] He's swimming for it.

– [Daiquan] Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.

– [Ludacris] Time! – Holy (beep).

– [Cori] I'm definitelya little freaked out.

To be scared of drowning, and then to be trapped in the water, is definitelygonna be a challenge.

– [Ty] Mind over matter.

The poles were really tight on my neck.

On my chest.

– [Cori] I was definitely freaking out.

– Yes, trust me, trustme, trust me, trust me.

[Ludacris] All right, start the water.

(beep) The water is rising, feel it.

It's coming for you.

– [Cori] Laying in the box, with the water coming in your face, the bar over your neck, Istarted hyperventilating.

'Cause my biggest fear is to drown.

– [Ty] It felt like I was in a cage.

It was keeping me down, Icouldn't lift my head up, I couldn't breathe.

– Three, two, one, go.

That's one pole.

– That's smart.

– They're doing different ones.

– That's two poles.

Three poles.

Oh, doesn't go that way.

It goes the other way.

Get them out.

That water's filling up.

– Wrong way.

– [Ty] Wrong way.

– You have the chanceto watch Ty and Cori, and we were just picking uplittle things that we could do a little bit better.

– Be careful, hurry up.

That's one.


Time! – 50000 dollars! – As real as it gets.

– No, this is the real deal, here it goes.

– Good luck boys.

– [Marissa] Sink or swim.

– Cold, cold, cold, cold.

(screams) – [Ludacris] How cold is it? – Real cold! – Did I not tell you that? Are you guys ready? (together) Yeah! – Release the sharks.

– Oh my.

(beep) – No, I'm joking, I'mjust messing with you.

– [Ludacris] Three, two, one, go.

– Oh, jeez.

– [Ludacris] Oh, they got a strategy.

Max is at the top, Carlos is at the bottom.

Oh, Carlos already got one off.

Max is having troubleturning that top wing nut.

– [Marissa] Oh, it's stuck.

– All right Carlos.


Carlos is going hardin the paint right now.

He's got three wing nuts so far.

I can't believe theyhaven't taken a breath yet.

They must be short on air.

Max is up at the hole, alright.

Max finally got his wing nut off.

That makes four.

– Freaking out.

– Max looks like he's hurting at the hole.

Max looks like he's breathingin more water than air.

Uh-oh, Carlos needs to breathe, but Max took the closest hole.

Trying to keep the water out of his face.

Can they even breathe? What the hell is going on? This can't be good.

Can they even breathe? They are struggling to breathe, they struggling to breathe though.

He's in trouble.

He's signaling for help, pull up now.

Carlos quit.

Yo, what happened, what happened? – There was too muchwater, and I can't breathe.

By the time I got someair and came back down, I noticed we still had mostof the wing nuts on there.

So at that point, I waslike, oh, I'm a one man team, I just, I panicked, and I had to quit, 'cause I couldn't breathe.

– [Male] Don't panic.

– Three, two, one, go.

And they're off.

– Oh my God.

– [Ludacris] They entered the first room.

– Go in here.

– They're trying to splitup, but they just realized that they're cuffed to the wrists.

– You got it, got it, get it.

Oh my gosh! – Definitely disgusting, whatever is in there.

– It was cold, it smelt bad.

I feel like something died.

Got it.

– Give it to me, give it to me.

– [Ludacris] Is that thekey to the handcuffs? Or is that one of thethree keys they'll need to get to the next room? – Our strategy is, melooking through like, the intestines and stuff.

Got it.

– [Ludacris] They found the second key.

– While she was tryingto unlock the handcuffs, but it was definitely hard.

Oh my God! Bring it up, bring it up.

It's gonna get in my mouth.

– This is definitely thekind of thing that bad dreams are made of.

– Did you get? Must I get the other key? – Oh I got it.

– [Ludacris] They have the third key.

– Go, go, go.

Got it, got it, I got.

– [Ludacris] They got the fourth key.

Unlock it, unlock it.

It's that one? – Yes.

It's that one? – Yes.

– [Ludacris] Great job, now come on back here and open this door.

– How many keys do you have? – Three.

– Hurry up, I need myballon now, goddamit.

Ya'll are in a hurry toget to that other room, you don't even know what's in there yet.

There they go.

(scary sounds) – Going into that clown room, when they were looking at me, and coming alive, that scared me so much.

That was scary.

Horror story.

Because I thought they were all statues.

– Anthony, you seem alittle concerned right now.

– Brother is scared as (beep).

– I heard screaming, my heart has never, been pounding so fast before.

– I can't (beep) open it.

(beep) Got it.

Get it, get it.

Bring it, bring it.

(screams) – Time! – Gloria that is tiny as hell.

– Is it Dracula's original? – You better stop talkingbefore I get violent.

Oh my God, please.

Gloria oh my gosh.

Gloria! Oh my God! The second they closedthe coffin door on me, I couldn't think, couldn't breathe.

Being in a closed space, darkness, was very, very, very, overwhelming.

Okay, this is so muchtighter than I thought it was gonna be.

– Bring on the dirt.

– Oh my gosh, I can not dothis right now, oh my God.

– Three, two, one, go.

Oh my God, okay, I'm sendingyou the first code, okay.

– Okay, got it, 0187.

– [Christina] I'm ina coffin, underground.

Gloria please hurry up.

Some people think that they'dbe fine in a closed space, but when you're actually in it, it's a completely different story.

I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.

– [Ludacris] Uh-oh, allright, we got one box.

We got one part of the shovel.

– I'm sending you the second code, Gloria.

– Got it, got it.

– All right, we got anotherbox open, that's two boxes.

– Okay, got the last code girl.

– Gloria, please hurry up.

– All right, we got the last box.

Get that shovel together.

And dig your friend out.

Here we go.

– Coming Christina! – Yes Gloria, please start shoveling.

– Christina, I'm right here girl.

– [Ludacris] 50000 dollars is down there, you digging for treasure right now.

– I can't breathe Gloria.

– You know, you can gothree minutes without air before the brain shuts off.

– I definitely got really nervous, she was struggling with the dirt a lot.

– Talk to me Gloria.

– Christina, I swear to God.

I started getting reallyfrustrated with Christina because, I'm losing my breath aswell, and I'm trying so hard, you know, got scratched up, everything, to get her out.

Okay, can you open? Can you open? – No! – But, you know, I definitely understand where she's coming from, being buried alive, you know, you're not gonnabe super reasonable with the person who's in charge ofgetting you out safely.

This one's breaking my back.

– Gloria, are you taking a break? – Bitch, no! (laughs) – I am trying really hard.


– Go, go, go, let's go Christina.

It's okay.

– I'm gonna kill you.

– [Ludacris] Time.

It's like a zombi Christina, back from the dead.

– I don't know how youexpected me to open this, with all this freaking dirt (beep).

That was definitely theworst thing that could have ever have been done to me.

– Three, two, one, go.

Oh! (laughs) (screams) – Oh my God.

Water was like rising and rising.

As it was coming up, I didn't think I was gonna be able to breathe.

(dramatic music) I was kinda panickingwhile I was underwater, 'cause I couldn't catch my breath.

– That water's going up, Summer looks real worried right now.

All right, you better hurryup Sophia, save your girl, go save her.

You got the first key, she's trying the first one.

First one doesn't work.

She's trying the second key.

Second key doesn't work.

– She didn't even put that thing in there.

– I know.

– She's going for the third.

Third key, trying it out, oh it worked.

Oh, she got the flag.

Time! Three, two, one, go.

Don't let it get in your mouth.

– They lay eggs in your ear.

– Oh, she's spitting already.

[Tiona] Feeling the fliesbuzz around in my mouth while I'm trying to chew, was probably the worst part of it all.

In my face, in my nose, the smell was unbearable.

I freaked out.

– [Ludacris] Devin istwo marshmallows down.

And Tiona ate one, so five more to go.

– [Devin] It was like a armyof insects trying to attack me.

Buzzing around my ear, trying to get into my nose.

– Where is it? – Oh it's in your hair.

– She's got a marshmallowstuck in her hair.

– Eat it girl, eat.


– I can't, I can't do it, I can't do it.

– Do it girl.

– You eat it please.

– I'll get it.

– I can't do it.

– [Ludacris] Tiona is nothaving any party whatsoever.

– [Ashley] She was freaking out for sure, 'cause that was one of her worse fears.

– She wasn't carrying her weight at all.

– One more, one more, one more.

– [Ludacris] Oh, Tionais paralyzed with fear.

But there's still one marshmallow left.

It's all up to them.

– Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.

– Look, if this don't bring them closer, I don't know what will.

And time! – Get us out, please get us out.

Please get me out.

Get me out, get me out.

Come on ya'll.

– Oh man, I feel her pain.

– Yeah, me too.

– You can't predict howyou're gonna feel when you have to face something that is literally, your worst nightmare.

I am anxious and stressed, as I'm pulling myself in this box, I am justthinking that I'm gonna die.

(beep) (screams) – You guys got this, let's go.

– Come on guys.

– Come on Bea, you got it, you can do it.

– Okay, you good.

– No, I'm not.

I wanna be anywhere else but here.

I hate this.

– Start the truck.

Time will start whenthe cement hits the box.

Here comes the cement.

– This is my nightmare.

I don't wanna do this.

– [Ludacris] Yeah, get those knots.

Go, go, go.

They're going fast as they can.

– [Devon] Right when that cement hit, it was harder than I thoughtit would be, like heavier.

You have a mentality, that this is hardening, second by second.

I need rope, I need rope.

Our strategy was to get towhatever knot that we saw the end of right away.

And then keep that end ofthe knot going in between our hands, and never droppingthat into the cement.

– What are you trying to give me? All I could focus on was, I gotta get outta here, and I could bot think about the knot.

Everything that I needed to know, just immediately evaporated from my mind.

– Let's go, you can do this.

(screams) – Oh, dude that fills up fast.

– Watching Bea drowning incement, I want no part of this.

(screams) – Remember, once they get it untangled, they can pull the ropeand it'll stop the cement.

– I can't! – [Devon] Come on Bea.

– I just can't do it.

It was really heavy, and the rate.

– [Devon] The flow.

– I can't! I'm gonna either have to fullysubmerge under the cement, or I'm gonna have to like becrushed against these bars.

– You got this Bea.

– Come on Bea.

– There you go Bea.

– I just can't do it.

I can't, I'm done, I'm done, I gotta get the (beep) outta here.

– Oh, she quit, get her outta there.

Are you ready? – Yes, ready.

– Let's go.

– All right, on my go.

Three, two, one, go.

You all look extra thirsty right now.

Extra thirsty.

– Pull out, breathe.

– Breathe, breathe.

– A big part of our strategywas to make sure that, we don't let the water get too far up.

That way we don't accidentallychoke on the water, and we can take a big enough breath, to hold our breath under water longer.

– Aqel, how you feeling right now? This is pressure right here, right? – Let's hope this man reliveshis traumatic experience.

I feel like I'm waiting for theresults of a pregnancy test, you know what I'm saying? – All right Jerry, thisis your worst nightmare.

This is where you face your fear.

– You got this guys.

– [Ludacris] Oh damn, there goes your phone.

– Phone is gone.

– [Contestant] Just relax guys.

– Two thirty.

– Think about the money.

– Oh yeah.

No, don't think about themoney, think about the water.

– Think about your life.

– [Contestant] You got this guys.

– Your worst fear is about to happen, the water's about to overtake.

– [Contestant] Just relax guys.

– [Ludacris] Don't cough, uh-oh, uh-oh.

There's no challenge issue, no challenge issue, you can do it.

Three minutes.

– Just pull it.

Oh Jerry, come on buddy.

– [Contestant] Come on Jerry.

– Oh, oh, he gotta go.

– [Contestant] Stay calm.

– [Contestant] Now yousure he's still in there.

– [Ludacris] Time.

– You okay? – Jerry, you did that.

You faced your fear man.

– You did great, I'm so proud of you.

– Start the water.

(screams) – Nice and cold.

– [Ludacris] It's feeling likeyou're beginning to drown.

Three, two, one, go.

Oh, they on the move, they on the move.

– Slow down.

– Go left, other way, other way, other way.

– [Ludacris] Oh, they're stuck.

– [Cynbthia] I'm scared of drowning, I'm scared of beingstuck, and unable to move.

All of a sudden, I can'tthink, I saw her hustling, I saw her moving thingsand that shocked me back into reality like, we needto get things out of the way.

– [Ludacris] Aubrey is alltwisted, she might get stuck.


– That challenge was obviouslya double-whammy for me, 'cause I'm scared of enclosedspaces, and I'm scared of drowning, and it was a little bit of both.

– I can't believe, I'mgonna have to be chained up, while seeing my brother suffocate.

I hope he doesn't freak out.

He's a little bitch when itcomes to tight places, so.

Don't be a bitch dude, 50000 dollars on the line.

– [Ludacris] Suck out the air.

Carlos, how you doing? You ready? – [Carlos] Let's do this.

– He said, let's do this.

(cheers) All right, let's go.

– I love you mom.

– Three, two, one, go.

– Do it, do it, it'sreally hard to breathe.

I can't even (beep) move.

I'm losing feeling in my legs Max.

– Max and Carlos are freaking out.

– Please hurry up.

– I think Max and Carlosmay be going home.

– Find the keys Maxwell.

– I can't (beep) find the keysdude, they screwed it down, when they slide me in there.

– My life is at stake you idiot Just kidding, I love you.

Just find the key.

– One lock down.

– You got one lock? – He's got the first lock, yougot one lock, all right Max.

One minute thirty seconds is gone.

– Get you out brother.

– I play around withlatex, with my girlfriend, but not like this.

Please hurry up.

– Second lock down.

– Second lock, all right, all right, second lock.

– There it is, there it is.

– Brandi, what are youover there clapping for? – Yeah.

– What's wrong with you, what's wrong with her? – Put that clap down.

– Keep working on the last lock.

Keep missing the key Max, you keep missing the key, wrong key.

– [Carlos] 50000 dollars.

This is like my worst fear, and like, I'm just thinking about the 50000, 'cause that's really important to us, because my mom alwaysworked, you know, three jobs, it would be so nice to just, show our appreciation for her.

– I know this is yourbiggest fear, but I got you.

– [Carlos] My worst (beep) nightmare dude.

– [Ludacris] All thatyou need is one more key.

– All right, I'm, losing air, honestly.

– Carlos, my bro, I got you.

– [Carlos] For 50000dollars, hurry up dude.

– Hey! All right, okay, okay, okay, okay.

And time.

(laughs) All right, here we go.

Final fear.

50000 dollars.

Three, two, one, go.

– There he goes.

Mckenzie's at the bottom, and Marissa has the top.

They started with breathing.

They did a little different than you guys, started out with breathing.

It seems like Mckenzie'sthe one that's struggling.

Marissa's the one getting the wing nut.

The ex-marine is the onethat's struggling right now.

Uh-oh, hold on, Marissa's in trouble.

Marissa's in trouble.


They are struggling to breathe, they struggling to breathe though.

– [Contestant] Don't panic.

– Mckenzie you good? Mckenzie's hurt.

He's hurt.

Mckenzie just looks panicked, I don't know what the hell is going on.

Now she's taking after her brother, she finally stepped up to the plate.

She's crazier than her brother right now.

Mckenzie got a second wind, he's looking determined.

Another wing nut.

He's got three wing nuts so far.

– It's kinda stressful.

– Looks like they're getting in a rhythm, they're getting in a rhythm.

Oh, that's two more wing nuts.

It's out, they got it.

Uh-oh, Marissa's going the wrong way.

You need to breathe.

Pull the flag.

Come on, come on.

There it is, final fear, 50000 dollars.

Go! Are you guys ready? – Yeah.

– Take a look at yourphones dangling over here, this is what it's all about.

On my go.

Three, two, one, go.

All right that water's filling up fast.

– Three, four, three.

– Two, two, five, seven.

– Two, two, five, seven.

– Seven, three, one.

– [Ludacris] They're gettingthe code from the maggots.

– Five, seven, three, one, four.

When I put my hands in that, all I just felt was disgust.

– Better hurry the hell up.

– Two, two.

– Five, seven.

– [Ludacris] Put thatcode into the right phone, or your phones are gonna get blended.

– Just put your face in the maggots.

– One.

– She's struggling man.

– They seem like they mightbe a little too squeamish.

They seem like nice people, butI'm excited to destroy them.

– Four, five.

– No good.

– No! – The anxiety definitely built when the phones all said wrong.

No, no.

None of them were working.

I was just really frustrated.

– Uh-oh, uh-oh.

Those phones are gettingclose to the blender.

– I got it, I got it.

– They got the first one.

Now you gotta do it all again.

But with cockroachesand nasty vinegaroons, – Go, go, go.

Nine, two.

(screams) – I really don't want my phone blended, because I haven't backedit up in 42 weeks.

– Oh, let's stick yourphone in the blender.

– You might wanna get you another phone, as soon as possible.

(screams) – [Brit] When I heard my phone blending, I instantly start getting freaked out.

– Oh, this is bad.

– [Brit] My phone is absolutelyimperative for my job.

I don't have a phone, I genuinely don't know how to contact people.

– All right guys.

– That's (beep) up.

– The games not over, the clock keeps ticking until you get that codeinto the right phone.

– Nine, three, nine, one.

– Come on Brit, you can do it.

You can do it.

– [Brit] I took thatsecond to mourn my phone, and then focus still.

– [Ludacris] You can do it.

– Okay, okay, okay.

– My phone did not getblended for nothing.

We are gonna finish this and not go home.

– Zero, two, seven, five.

– Time.

You know what to do.

– Oh, it's kind of cool.

You guys got spots all over your back, I'm not about to do that.

– Some UCLA strategy right there.

All right, on my go.

Three, two, one, go.

– You got this.

Turn it in, nice and slow.

Under your arms.

– So smelly.

Holy shit.

When I jumped into thebath with super worms, it smells absolutely disgusting.

They sting you, they smell bad, and it just makes me wanna vomit.

– You got this.

– All right, here we go.

They're coming off.

– Feel their little mouths touching you.

– [Ludacris] A lotta worms, a lotta worms.

– Take a bite.

– Trying to get as many inher mouth, as went once.

– Our strategy is just to grab worms from the most pertinent areas.

– Oh, she's going to town, she's licking her fingers.

That's a good mouthful.

– UC, LA.

– You guys got to hurryup, the clock is ticking.

– You got this side two, right here.

– [Contestant] Feel thoseworms crawling in your drawers.

– Oh no, this is getting close.

One more mouthful, should do it.

– This is it.

This is it.

– Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

– Here we go.

And time.

– All right, on my go.

Three, two, one, go.

– [Contestant] Move it! – [Ludacris] Yeah.

– Feel the burn.

– [Ludacris] One pen.

– Make sure your mouths open.

– [Ludacris] Two pens.

Got a third pen.

– Watch your hair.

– Oh my God.

– [Ludacris] Solve the code.

– I think roaches droppedon your face, it's scary, it's nasty, they have a certain smell.

– [Ludacris] There, he gotit, he got the first code.

A minute and a half.

All right, second box, they on the second box.

(beep) – When I reached my hand, I'm pretty sure I got bit like three times.

– [Contestant] Get it, there's one more.

– [Ludacris] Burning up real time here.

– [Contestant] How's your hair? – I hate you.

– The timing really got to me.

– [Ludacris] Go save your girl.

Oh, fail.

The fact that she was in there, and she was relying on me to be quick.

– [Ludacris] Fail again.

(beep) 10 seconds.

– Let's go! Times up.

Bam, you got it.

Three and a half minutes.

– Hurry up! Hurry up! – 50000 dollars on the line.

There you go, you got it.

All right, get it there.

Time! All right.

– [Contestant] To me this is gross.

– Brandi, stay calm.

– I'm scared.

– Brandi, how you feeling.

Don't kill me, oh my God, don't kill me.

– [Ludacris] I'm not killing you.

– [Contestant] Brandi, calm down.

– Get me out! Get me out! – Be quiet and lay there.

– Listen to the sound of thisdeep voice, you got this.

– Brandi, it's small, it gets worse.

– I can't do it! I can't, I can't.

– Let's put these damnthings on, let's go.

– [Ludacris] Put the blindfolds on.

– Let's go.

– [Brandi] My big sisterhere, she motivated me.

So, with 50000 dollars on theline, I will face my fears.

– Brandi close your mouth.

– [Ludacris] Bring them in.

– [Contestant] They're everywhere.

Three, two, one, go.

– Go Brandi, go, open it, go, Brandi go.

Brandi go.

(screams) (beep) Brandi go.

– Brandi being so close on quitting, I feel like she couldreally tense up and freeze.

– [Contestant] My strategy, is definitely, keeping her motivated.

Just keeping her going.

Brandi go.

– You are doing this.

– [Brandi] And my strategy, to just, try to be as calm as possible.

As you see, that didn't work out.

– Go get it, here we go, You guys don't wanna go home.

We're talking about 50000 dollars.

Brandi you're doing good too Brandi.

(beep) – What? What Ludacris, what? – The thing is, you keep missing the box, and ya'll are hittingme, and that's a problem.

– Catch it with your mouth.

– Twenty one is the numberto beat, come on, keep going.

It's gonna be close, thisis gonna be real close, I don't know how many is in here.

50 g's is on the line.

You wanna bring home 50000 dollars.

(beep) – Come on, oh.

– Nine, eight, seven six, five, four, three, two, one.

– Get them off! Get them off, get them off, get them off.

Wait, I don't even wannasee, I don't even wanna see.

– Oh, damn! There you go.

– [Erynn] I definitely had toclose my eyes, I couldn't see the scorpions being put on me, otherwise I probablywould have passed out.

– Three, two, one, go.

– [Contestant] Go, go, go, get them get them, get them.

– [Erynn] Calm down, calmdown, calm down, calm down.

– [Ludacris] Theyspilling out of the cone, you gotta keep your head up.

– [Erynn] That was probablythe worst experience I've ever had in my entire life.

I've never even seen ascorpion in real life.

Hurry up, hurry mom, you hurry.

Let alone touched one, or felt one.

How you doing? You okay? Come on mommy, come on.

I could see in her face, that she was very upset and scared, so I'mtrying to calm her down, because it helps to remain calm, and then you can freak out later.

– Don't freak out.

– [Erynn] Come on mommy, Hurry up.

Hurry up mommy, hurry, hurry.

– Come on Tracy, we knowyou weren't the first, the second or the thirdchoice, but you got this.

(screams) – Keep your head up mommy.

– [Tracy] I felt like I wasgonna pass out, I was so scared, but, you know, I gathered my composure, and I'm like, I can do this.

– Now you making a move, there you go.


Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, time.

– Get me out, get me out, get me out, get me out! That was brutal.

Like you don't know ifthey're gonna be really upset, sting you, or just attack you.

that was probably the worst experience I've ever had in my entire life.

– By random selection, Devin and Tiona, youall are going up first.

– Why? – Going into thischallenge, our strategy is for me to try to eatmost of the marshmallows.

(beep) – All right, get your heads in the box.

– Stay calm Tiona.

– She about to flip out.

– [Tiona] Like what am Igetting myself into right now? I'm not prepared for this at all.

I'm extremely anxious.

Oh my God.

– [Devin] Stay calm, stay calm.

– All right, three, two, one, go.

– Don't let it get in your mouth.

– They lay eggs in your ear.

– Oh, she's spitting already.

– [Tiona] Feeling the fliesbuzz around in my mouth while I'm trying to chew, was probably the worst part of it all.

In my face, in my nose, the smell was unbearable.

I freaked out.

– Devin is two marshmallows down.

And Tiona ate one, so five more to go.

– [Devin] It was like a armyof insects trying to attack me.

Buzzing around my ear, trying to get into my nose.

– Where is it? – Oh it's in your hair.

– She's got a marshmallowstuck in her hair.

– Eat it girl, eat it.

– I can't, I can't do it, I can't do it.

– Do it girl.

– You eat it please.

I'll get it.

– I can't do it.

– [Ludacris] Tiona is nothaving any party whatsoever.

– [Ashley] She was freaking out for sure, 'cause that was one of her worse fears.

– She wasn't carrying her weight at all.

– One more, one more, one more.

– [Ludacris] Oh, Tionais paralyzed with fear.

But there's still one marshmallow left.

It's all up to Devin.

– Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.

– Look, if this don't bring them closer, I don't know what will.

And time! – Get us out, please get us out Please get me out.

Get me out, get me out.

Come on ya'll.

– Oh man.

– [Contestant] I feel her pain.

– [Contestant] Yeah me too.