Bali is what could be considered as oneof the world's favorite destinations it offers so much from beautiful beaches tojungles waterfalls culture food but all this comes at a cost.

Due to Bali's very well deserved success the island has now becomeflooded with tourists once called a serene island now it has become ahotspot for travellers instagramers and vloggers.

Nevertheless, if you do yourresearch and are willing to travel the extra mile then you will be surprisedwhat brilliant alternatives you can find to some of the most popular spots on theisland Swastiastu [balinese greeting] Welcome back to myDjemoGraphic! Let's directly get started with the first place that theTegellalang rice terraces.

these are probably the most talked-about riceterraces all over bali the terraces are built into a valley something they arevery much admired for thus a lot of tourists come here every day and attimes it can be too many there are however many similar alternatives tothis place one of them are the J Dilla Weir I stresses which are only 90minutes away from ubud the moment you arrive at the fields you will beoverwhelmed of their size in fact they are much larger than the Tegeler longrice terraces not only that there are a lot less people who come here so it'svery easy to enjoy the ideal because the rice fields stretch over a fewkilometres I suggest I rent a bicycle because it makes it a lot easier toexplore the area another alternative are the cinnamon rice terraces which are thehideout of Bali what is unique about this place is that you have the sceneryof rice fields with Mount Agung in the background especially during sunrise andsunset you will have a very good view on the volcano let's say you're staying inubud and you're really too lazy to travel too far well then you can just goto this side Valley and you will arrive at the Santana rice turists the terracesover there are exactly like in Tagalog just without touriststhe second attraction which can be quite crowded at times artistic importance inmy opinion the succumb pool water faults are in most beautiful ones on Balihowever a lot of other people think so too and that's why at times it can bequite busy one great alternative is the Aling Aling waterfall trail located innorthern Bali there won't be any waterfall like in the cumple but insteadyou will get to see for very pretty small ones regarding the hike I wouldsay both trails are very comparable however when it comes to bad thing Iwould say this one here is a lot better a waterfall number 2 you Eric and Johninto the basin or you can even slide down the Cascade itself as you go downto waterfall 3 and then 4 you finally will arrive at the dalits jump thislooks just insane but if you really need to thrill then go for itall in all a fantastic trail with yet a high chance of being the only personthere the second alternative would be the gate gate waterfalls if you take thetrail to waterfall number 3 and 4 then you have a very high chance of beingtotally alone and this trail is actually very similar to the succumb poolwaterfalls the third place is one of Bali's most visited temples in the puratear down pool the holy spring temple is one of Bali'smost sacred sites it is admired for its many fountains that sprinkle holy waterand thus at times it can be very crowded however only five kilometers away laysthe gunam cow is about to Temple this place is a great alternative as itshares a lot of similarities with the tier temple temple just like the puritytemple this temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu the protector Lord Vishnu is oneof the three main gods in Hinduism and here in Bali he is often represented inblack color I really loved the atmosphere within the temple it's veryserene and the only thing that you can hear is the sprinkling water the templein general is only little visited I came here during December which is consideredpeak season and for most of the time I was all alone these were these threecrowded attractions and are non touristy alternatives let me know down in thecomments whether enjoyed watching this video and whether you would like to seemore content like this that's it from my side you're most welcome to subscribe tomy channel Gemma graphic if you haven't done so far I very much appreciate thatwe're going to see each other very soon.

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