Hello guys, welcome back to my channel today I want to talk about some Australian gold I'm going to tell you the differences and similarities between the Australian Gold number one fragrance rapid tanning intensive by year and Australian gold dark tanning accelerator The other day I was trying to buy some Australian gold products I noticed that there are two very very similar tanning lotions by Australian gold I was on Amazon and I was to Lima thumbs on my keyboard scrolling down town trying to find some Australian gold and I came across these two the both Australian gold and they Both sound like the same thing and they both have the same star ratings And so I'm sitting over here like okay, but which one's better? So today I am here to tell you which Australian gold tanning lotion is better pretty pretty rich gang Would move tight when I'm going to my room Okay, I'm gonna be looking at my phone for my notes on the intensifier Okay starting off.

This has a little logo that says number one fragrance As I recall she smells like peaches mangoes sunscreen Love Sun Amazingness in a bottle It smells very good it smells different than classic Hawaiian Tropic products This is a whole nother level.

This is fabulous Period this product was very easy to apply it spread out very nicely onto my skin This is because I didn't need a lot of product to cover my entire body Also, the consistency is not that gloopy so it was really easy to just glide on and call it a day in my and the consistency and the application process is 110 percent better than the Sun balm tanning lotion as well as the Maui babe browning lotion This is because it dried Instantly I put this all over my legs and then went to go do my arms Three minutes later No tackiness, no stickiness No, nothing which I Love it's already uncomfortable enough to be sweating and sticky while tanning and this just made my life way easier By not having that gross feeling that nobody likes also With this one the color of it is white and it does not show up white on your skin it absorbs Very very very fast, which is great My thoughts on this intensifier is it really did help speed up the process when I was tanning? I found that my skin absorbed a lot more color a lot faster than usual This isn't because of the amount of time.

I was outside or the UV index It had been a straight week of the identical sunny days and this particular day that I used this intensifier Man, did my skin soak up sun way faster.

This product almost makes you burn a little quicker when you're in the Sun so I would be very careful and apply SPF underneath in my opinion the intensifier Did intensify my tan? Yes, it did get very tan, but it also Sped it up a little bit Which is kind of weird if this one's called intensifier Next up tanning accelerator.

Let's talk about this bad boy Similarily – the other one this smells fabulous This one has a pretty close scent, I honestly Don't really notice a big difference because it is by the same brand and they have the same Vibe going on for each of the tanning lotion.

So this one also smells amazing.

This one has a Slight orange yellow color it does not off of my towels or bathing suit as well as it has the same consistency as the Intensifier meaning that when I put it on my body I don't need that much and it dries quite quickly in my opinion.

The accelerator does not dry as Fast as the one I just talked about but it still does dry quite fast but just to clarify they both do take Negative time to dry up on my skin there is ever so slightly just a little bit of a greasy feeling after Nowhere near the Maui babe or the Sun bum or your regular kind of oil or sunscreen obviously oils greasy But this one was quite dry, but I'm just saying in comparison.

This one was just a little bit greasy ER the accelerator was also lightweight and felt great on my skin.

It wasn't tacky So a plus with Australian gold's formula, you're killing it.

Both of these products are Transparent when they are rubbed into the skin There's no color that stays on the skin like what you would get with a lotion with a tanning bronzer in it You don't rub off on my towels or bathing suit.

They just sink right in and boom with the accelerator My thoughts are it gave me more Golden touch to my skin well tanning in my opinion the accelerator actually gave me a more golden deep darker tan while I was out in the Sun which is Ironic because you would think the intensifier does this so it's almost like the name so these two have just switched Quite literally this does say dark tanning.

So of course it is going to give you a Very nice golden tan Which it did but I'm just saying in terms of speed you would think accelerator would be a little bit faster But I found intensifier to bring Sun into my skin quite faster this one did give me a dark dark tan just like the bottle says I also just want to mention that the intensifier is formulated with tea tree oil and véra, the accelerator is enriched with vitamin a Native oils and vitamin E.

This accelerator is formulated to be used in a indoor tanning salon But I do Personally use it outside and it works wonders does it see you can use it outside not really do I use it outside? Mm-hmm.

Does it work fabulous that said uh Hmm.

I have never used the accelerator in a tanning salon, so I cannot speak to how that works to wrap this video up I'm sort of shocked about these two I honestly didn't think I would find much of a difference in terms of results because the consistency the dryness factor the fragrance etc was all very very similar as they are the same brand but in terms of Results the intensifier really did bring in some quicker to my skin Be careful where your SPF the accelerator Zoomed in a nice golden bronze was it still fast? Sure.

Was it as fast as this one? No, the intensifier Shortened the amount of time I had to be outside to get a tan by a lot the accelerator gave me such a nice golden result while still being outside and I even have a little video of me putting a sticker on my leg applying this lotion on top and then peeling off the sticker two hours later where you can see that I actually have a little little bit of a Tan line from the sticker that is proof that I did get nice color that day and that it did work I couldn't insert that on the screen right now My observations about the accelerator because it is formulated for insulin use Is that it is meant to be used with very strong UV rays So a tanning bed is going to give you zaps and zaps of UV.

Hella quick And so what I think it's focusing on is, okay You've already got the fastness coming because you're not in the tanning bed for that long So we're gonna focus on giving you that golden color.

So you come out more Golden and have to come back and less sessions That's what I think this accelerator is trying to give off it definitely works outside.

It is very very good but this would explain why the Intensifier using it outside made it a little bit more quicker for sun to get to my skin to compare these Australian goal of bodies to the other tanning lotions and browning lotions I've talked about on my channel go check them out if you haven't seen them already I'm gonna tell you I Think these are taking first place now Did I just get hot in here cuz there's some piping tea whoa girl I talked about my last video Sun bum tanning oil with SPF 15 muy bueno in terms of lotion Though we're talking about the Maui babe browning lotion the Sun bump browning lotion and now we are talking about the intensifier by Australian gold and the accelerator by Australian gold I gotta say these are now top I love the Consistency of them there is a no risk factor I honestly feel like these are just the easiest and have great results Absolutely fabulous.

If I had to pick one, I'm gonna go ahead and pick the intensifier This is just because I already don't want to spend a lot of time out in the Sun and because this really did Accelerate my time out in the Sun.

Although it's called intensifier.

I really did like it Let me just say when I tried both of these products out I did have SPF 15 by Hawaiian Tropic lotion sunscreen over my body before These lotions on top I didn't do in the same day These were in two separate days, so I didn't get my results mixed up But just to let you know, I do wear SPF underneath these lotions I do put these on my face I put both of on my face on the two days that I tested them.

I found no issues to arise no Rashes no clog pores just greatness smelling near my nose hole Let's do a recap they both smell fabulous they both dried quick they both don't stain They both have great consistencies Did I say they smell fabulous? Probably this one accelerator has a little tiny orange tint to it Very slight does not stain.

This intensifier is white Smooth right into the skin Bob's your uncle Accelerator giving me a nice golden dark tan Intensifier bringing the sun rays quicker than ever girl if I had to pick one To pick up out of these two, I'm gonna go ahead and say intensifier the products I'm talking about today It will be for sale on Amazon and I will link all that down below And you can go pick yourself up some of the goodies You are also not supposed to buy tanning salon, formula UV bed lotion blah blah all that stuff on Amazon because Sometimes people are scams.

Sometimes the sellers are not real.

So make sure if you are going to get the Australian gold Accelerator dark tanning salon formula this one that you make sure you're buying it directly From Australian gold.

Thank you guys so much for watching my video on my Australian Gold goodies I love these lotions Australian gold you keep doing you because all your stuff is fab bow if there's anything else you guys want me to review in terms Of tanning or any other videos you want to see from me.

Let me know down below Thank you guys for watching and I'll see you in my next video.