– Hey guys, it's Justineand today I wanted to do a video talkingabout some health tech.

This is not something that Ijust picked up this past week.

This is stuff that I'vehad around the house that I've been using foractually a couple of years now.

For me health tech is, obviously, because I love technology and I have been very focused on my health the last few years.

So, being able to quantifymyself and being able to have that data and analytics all kind of put together in an app and being able to see my progress or see if things aren't going well.

So, I'm gonna go throughsome of my favorite things that I've been using andnow, more than I ever, I feel like it's very important to be taking our healthinto our own hands.

We need to be able to have this data so that if something is going wrong, we actually have a history of this data to be able to take to doctors and say, “Hey, this is why Iknow something is wrong “because I've been tracking my heart rate “for the past five or sixyears, for me specifically, “on my Apple watch and Iknow what my normal is.

” Most people don't know whattheir normal temperature is, what their resting heart rate is or any of these types of things.

So, that's why I wanted to make this video and show you guys someof my favorite things.

So the first thing that I wanna talk about is the Apple watch.

Obviously I am a hugefan of the Apple watch.

You're able to now take an ECG.

This gives you some consistent heart rate data throughout the day.

So, right now I can seethat my lowest heart rate was 54 and at the highest it was 172.

You're able to track workouts.

There's even sleep apps so youcan track your sleep on this.

But mostly what's great about this is it will give you alerts if your heart rate hasdropped too low or too high and you'll be able to contact a doctor to try to asses ifanything is medically wrong and you can go get help.

I know those alerts havehelped so many people and saved so many lives.

So, I really do love being able to have this with me and on at all times.

So obviously you guys have seen me do tons of Apple watch videos, so we don't have to goany further into that.

The next thing that I wanna show you guys, this says Nokia but this isactually made by Withings.

Long story short, thecompany was Withings.

Nokia bought them and then Withings bought themselves back from Nokia.

This is called the thermo thermometer.

This thermometer uses 16 infrared sensors to take more than 4, 000 measurements at the temporal arteryfor accurate results.

It's super easy to use.

You just run it right along your forehead and I love that this will sync to an app so you can have all of your history of all of your temperatures.

So I'm gonna take mine right now.

And that's basically it.

And that's actually a little high.

So, I'm gonna go check my app.

It just popped up with a notification.

I'm gonna take it one more time.


4 I mean, that's what my temperature is.

It's saying I don't havea fever, so that's good.

Anything over 100, then weshould start getting concerned.

It's actually really warmin this room as well, but my average temperatureover the past several weeks has been about 98.

Obviously I'm not a medical professional, but I think it's really great to be able to have all of this stuff and be able to trackso that you'll be able to have these trends so that, again, if there is something that might be wrong, you'll be able to assess it immediately.

The unfortunate reality is due to everythingthat's happening right now, I feel like a lot of thesegadgets are out of stock, but there's a lot of them thatare available for pre-order so you can get on a list.

But I know this one isextremely hard to get.

I couldn't find any other ones online.

Going along with that same note, it also says Nokia but thisis made by Withings currently.

I did just order a newversion of this one online, but it is due to arrive in the next days.

So I look forward tochecking that one out.

This is an older model.

Obviously 'cause it does say Nokia, but this is a blood pressure monitor.

So, we're gonna takemy blood pressure now.

This also uses an app called Health Mate and in addition to this Ialso have a Wifi-enabled scale that is made by Withings butthe current one that I have is also Nokia.

Not only does it do weight, but it does a bunch ofother things as well and it even takes yourheart rate at the same time.

Let's take our blood pressure.

Usually you're supposed tobe inactive for three minutes and just sit and rest, but we're gonna just see how this works for the sake of the demo.

Okay, slightly snug.

Let's press the button to wake.

I have to sit still for five minutes before the measurement andwe're just gonna take it.

So, we'll see what happens.


– [Man] How's going in there? Organizing something? – It says I have an elevatedblood pressure right now.

Maybe it's because I'm stressed trying to shoot a bunch of videos.

Maybe it's because I'm a little stressed because I haven't left the house.

Maybe I'm a little stressedbecause there's a pandemic.

I don't know! What could it be?(laughs) But the good thing is the fact that I know that this isa little bit high for me because I've taken myblood pressure in the past.

So, it's great to be able to know what my baseline bloodpressure normally is.

I feel like if I did sithere for five minutes and stayed calm and I wasn't filming and trying to get this video done 'cause it's really late, I think my blood pressurewould be a little lower.

Even if you don't get this particular one, having something like this at your house just to be able to takeyour blood pressure so that you do know what itis, definitely recommend it.

It doesn't have to be this version.

You can get any kind.

This is just a little aroma therapy.

They have so many differentversions of these.

This one is USB-powdered and it's plugged into this massive mophie.

So I have some essential oils in here.

I think I have eucalyptusin here right now.

Oh, yeah, eucalyptus.

To just calm, ease my surroundings, to lower my blood pressure a little bit.

Let's use my Apple watchto take my heart rate.

So it's saying my heart rate is 71.

There's tons of different ones of these.

This is just one that mymom actually bought me.

My favorite essential oils, I love peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender for relaxation.

I would say probablyeucalyptus is my favorite.

Next up, again, having touse the mophie charger.

This is foam soap.

This is also on back order, but this is something thatmy mom got me for Christmas a few years ago.

This is an ultravioletcase to put your phone in.

Well, it's not really acase, it's like a tanning bed for your phone.

So, it uses the UV raysto disinfect your phone.

It stays in here for several minutes and when the light goes off right there, you can see that turned on, your phone will be ready and disinfected.

I've also been using this to put my Apple watch in, my Apple pencil and really anything elsethat you can fit in here.

So, clearly the light hasn't gone off yet, but for the sake of the video.

Tada, it's all clean! I do this like once a day usually when I wake up in the morning because it'll give me anice, clean phone all day.

Next up we've got, this is just an infrared heating pad.

I've been obsessed withinfrared tech recently.

There are some infrared spas where you can get in a pod.

I think I posted this on Instagram before where I went to an infrared sauna.

So, you basically goin a pod and detox you.

Infrared is really great for inflammation.

So, for me, I have a lot of chronic pain.

It just kind of runs in my family.

So like my normal day today, I always just have pain.

It's just something thatI've sort of gotten used to, but since I've startedusing infrared therapy, it's been helping so much.

So, this is just a verysimple heating pad.

I use this for my back or that time of the month for cramps perhaps.

So, this has been awesome.

It's easy, small, portable.

I can travel with this, but there's also something else that I got that was too big toeven bring in this room.

It is an infrared crystal mat.

I had it in my Amazon wish list and my cart for a really long time and then a few months agoI finally decided to get it and it's been really great.

I don't really know if thecrystals scientifically are doing anything, but for me mentally andspiritually I'll say they do.

So this mat was actually inspired by my friend Joey Graceffa.

I'm sure many of you guyshave seen his YouTube channel, but I saw he posted aboutthis in his Instagram stories and I asked him about it and he said it was absolutely awesome.

There's a bunch of different sizes, but I opted for the largest one.

These are used a lot in spas.

This is kind of one ofthose silly purchases that I was like what was I thinking? But it's pretty great.

I usually use it atnight before I go to bed.

It does have this littlecover that you can put on it.

You know what's not comfortable? Laying on thousands oftiny little crystals.

It has very little temperatures and something that I didn'trealize when I first got this is that this is actually in Celsius.

Am I healed yet? So my parents recentlygot an infrared sauna and, for them, it's been really great.

Anytime I go home for theholidays I'm always really excited to use it 'cause theyhave it in their basement and it's pretty awesome.

There's so much more about infrared.

I really would love to do an entire video talking about infrared and maybe talking to some specialists who know a lot more than I do about it.

Let me know if that'ssomething that you guys would like to see.

Do I have any other tech for you guys or is that it? Well, I guess I neverput my jacket back on, but it's really hot in here 'cause clearly I'm a little warm.

Now it's saying 99.


Thank you guys so much for watching.

I would love to hear from you guys if you any other health tech suggestions.

This is something thatI really love exploring and there's so many other things out there and right now, like I said, it is kind of hard toget some of these things.

So if there are weightless or pre-orders for some of these things andyou do have the extra cash and are looking to get somethinglike this for your home, I think now is a really great time.

So, I'm gonna go and keepmonitoring my temperature.

And I think that's the end of the video.

So, I'll see you later.

(upbeat music).

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