Do you know someone so down on his luck and severely overweight that he's lost all hope? Does it sound like you? Meet Steve and hear his story.



laidoff, marriage failed, medical issues, smoking, drinking heavily and close to 400 pounds.

Good morning Steve fromToronto, eh? Let me introduce the subscribers tothe newest upcoming transformation star celebrity of YouTube.

Steve, you are a work in progress and uh, you got a monkey on your backand it's a pack of smokes, but right away you're quicklyovercoming that, right? Yes, I am.

Among other things.

Eh? All right, this is going to be an outdoor adventure and you're up for it, Steve? Absolutely.

All right, let's hit the road.

First and foremost, I want to thank God for hearing my prayer.

A short time ago I was in dire straights.

I prayed to God because I felt thatI was at a low point in my life.

I had recently lost my job.

I was knocking on 380 pounds with multiple injuries across my body and arthritis in all those injuries.

And God heard my prayer.

And by that I mean I prayed to him tohelp me find a way to get out of the mess that I was in, the heartachethat I was in, the sorrow, the mindset, because I'm a single father with alittle girl who's three years old.

And I felt that I wasn't going to makethe next five years of my life going on the same path that I was goingdown and I needed a change.

And that's why I prayed to God.

My prayers were answered because when I prayed to God, it was wholeheartedly, I was even crying whenI was speaking to God.

And it wasn't even 24 hours later thatmy brother-in-law who cares a lot about me, my family also cares a lot about me.

And they saw which kind of path Iwas headed down.

And to be honest, I didn't think I was goingto make the next five years.

And that broke my heart because Icouldn't bear the thought of leaving my daughter without a father.

And I'm 44 with multiple injuriesand I was knocking on 380 pounds.

You know, and I needed a change.

My brother in law found Debra onlineand suggested that this would be the best choice for me.

Not only physically but mentallybecause Debra is more than a personal trainer.

She's amazing.

I havemultiple injuries and when I came here, I was, I was a bit skeptical about how I wasgoing to be trained or treated or you know, how many people were goingto be here because you know, I've, I've had a personal trainer before andDebra's not just a personal trainer, she's a wellness coach.

I couldn't have gottenthrough this without Debra.

My whole mindset has changed.

Myattitude towards life has changed.

I'm thankful and grateful to Debra, for helping me so muchwith my physical injuries.

If I couldn't do something, shewas able to come up with many, many different ways to approachgetting into physical shape, promoting wellness, promoting mindset, wellness of mind and body and soul.

I would recommend to anybodyto come here in Las Vegas, Debra's place of wellnessbecause of where she takes you.

The journey is amazing.

It'slife changing.

It's a godsend.

I couldn't do it withoutsomebody like Debra.

She's well versed inall aspects of fitness, wellness, and mind, body andsoul.

Like I'd never thought I'd, you know, do yoga or, youknow, eat the way I've, I've been eating and still losing weight.

I had at one point lost 150 pounds on adiet which didn't teach you how to lose weight properly orhealthy for that matter.

It was just a hard diet that madeyou lose a lot of weight quickly, but very unhealthily.

That being said, I urge you to make that call to careabout your life enough that you're willing to make the change.

Love yourselfenough to make that change for you, not for anybody else, not for yourfriends, your family, your loved ones.

This is all about you and how youwant to live the rest of your life.

Like I'm leaving here.

She'sgiven me a new lease on life.

I'm forever grateful.

Debra, I love you and I thank you fromthe bottom of my heart.

And, again, for those listeningto this message, you know, don't hesitate to pick up that phoneor punch in her email address, get in touch with her any which way.

Cause if you're hurting in any way, mind, body, or soul, she can helpyou and help you do it the right way.

Thank you.

Let's have a little feedback aboutthat hill you just conquered, Steve! I didn't think I could do it, butI powered through it like a animal.

Like an animal, like a beast.

Well you went into beast mode becauseyesterday when you did it the first time, you did not know what to expect.

No, and I just, I had to get off and walk, but I said to myself, Nope, you're pushing through it buddy.

That was yesterday and this is .



Today! More to come.

We are in the supermarket.

We have just purchased all of our foodprovisions.

There's a casino in the shopping plaza.

Can you believe it? You know that you're in Vegas baby.

You know you're in Vegas when.


You know you're in Vegas when! You're in Vegas when.



[Elvis impersonator in Vegas with Steve] It's stretching it how?Okay.

Eh? Stretching it out.

Hi, I'm Debra Stefan, and I'm here to give you even more proofthat you can change your mindset and yes, this time it will be different and youwill succeed in your fitness and weight loss goals once and forall and sustain them.

At my house, we practice thelifestyle, walk the walk, and talk the talk.

I'm Debra Stefan at my privatelive in weight loss residence success comes quickly when you do allthe right things all at the same time.


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