– We've got a knee friendlyburn and tone workout that's perfect for women of a certain age.

Grab your dumbbells and let's go.

(cheerful music) Alright, Killer Bs, let'sget moving and grooving and that means that we're getting started with some arm circlesand high knees you guys.

You guys, welcome to the workout.

I'm Pahla B your bestmiddle aged fitness friend and today, today we're gonna sweat.

I just, I'm gonna put thatright out there right away, today for me is gonna be a push day which means that I'mgonna be demonstrating at high intensity with heavy weights.

Now don't confuse highintensity with low impact, we are absolutely low impact, absolutely no jumping today.

(bell chimes) For any of our cardio exercises.

We are also completely knee friendly with no squats and no lunges.

But oh my goodness, we are gonna sweat.

Now if today is not a push day for you, that's totally fine.

Depending on what your goals are, you can do this as apush day like I am doing or you can absolutely moderate this, slow it on down, usesome lighter dumbbells, you can make today work for you and in fact if you'd liketo know how to make it work for you, make sure youopen up the description box down below and get my fivepage information resource that explains all abouthow to make any workout work for your goal.

Let's go ahead and do some arm crossers with booty kickers, okay.

Okay, apparently it'sgonna be one of those days when I have trouble talking.

So I'm just gonna flow with it 'cause I tell you what? I'm a little nervous about this one.

This is gonna be such a great workout.

This is a completely lowimpact, as mentioned, no repeat workout.

I get a little bit nervouswhen we do the no repeats because it means that Icannot, at any point in time, be on autopilot, likeI really have to think about, okay, what's coming next? What's coming next? What's coming next? 'Cause what's coming next is always going to be something different.

We're going back and forthbetween cardio and strength.

I've got a little cardioand then a little strength and then a little bit more cardio and then a little bit more strength and then a little bit more cardio and a little bit more strength.

Again though, none of theseare repeating exercises.

So once you get through it, we're getting through it.

Let's go ahead and dosome welcome to my homes.

I've got my handy dandy Gymboss here set for intervals of 40 seconds, very generous, especiallyif today is a moderate day for you, you can absolutely, well, I mean, no matter if it's amoderate day or a push day, take all of the intervals at whatever pace and at whatever weight feels best for you.

If you are pushing though, make sure that you setyour intention right now that we're gonna bepushing the entire workout.

That is arguably the hardestpart about a push day, is setting your intentionand then following through the entire time.

At some point in time, I'm going to wish that we weren't pushing.

I already know that, it's just, it's, it's gonna happen and you know what and here we go.

We're actually gonna get started with a little bit of cardio which is kind of an extended warm up.

So let's go ahead andget moving and grooving with that, we're doingrainbow kicks first, which means that we've got our hands going up across our head, like a rainbow and then we're kicking out to the side.

(timer beeps)And let's get moving.

So we're kicking while doing that rainbow.

Now, as I mentioned, it's 40 seconds, there's no rest at all, even when we're kind of transitioning in between the cardio and the strength.

So, even if you're pushing or moderating, doesn't really matter, really kind of take that into account.

When you're taking intoaccount your speed.

When it beeps again, we'regonna do double knees, both hands up overhead like they are when wedo low impact cardio.

We're gonna bring bothhands down to one knee, two times in a row on one side and then two times in arow on the other side.

Now this first little cardio segment, we've only got a couple of exercises and I did that on purpose.

On a push day, (timer beeps) It doesn't do you any good.

Here we go with those double knees, two times on one sidetwo, times on the other.

Even on a day when we are pushing, it really doesn't do usany good to jump directly into a super intense workout.

It's perfectly fine to get going because we'll get plentyof go to go today.

What it means again, we're doing middle skips, which is essentiallyjust a skipping motion.

We're raising one hand andone knee across your body at the same time asthough we are skipping, even though we are not jumping at all.

You'll notice that we haveplenty of balance today.

Plenty of one sided stuff today (timer beeps) because, and here we gowith those middle skips.

This is our last cardio for right now, we're coming back to cardio, not coming back to these exercises but coming back to cardio.

You'll notice that we've gotlots of balance work today.

Lots of single sided, reallyworking on that core strength while we are keeping our knees safe, getting our heart rateup and toning our body.

When it beeps again, we'regonna grab our dumbbells, we're gonna do peekaboo high knees, which means that our armsare gonna be doing peekaboos, which means that we have our elbows at just about shoulder height, opening and closing yourelbows in front of your face, while one high knee comes up at a time.

(timer beeps) There's almost no restingposition for this one but I will tell you that becausewe are doing strength now, the pace is significantly slower.

We're really thinkingabout pulling in your core and using excellent form.

This is where I'm gonna notice that the intervals are, let'scall them generous, shall we? Now, here's the thing, I'musing my big boys today.

You are always welcometo maneuver your weights however you want to or need to.

When it beeps again, we're doing dead-lifts with a front raise.

So we're gonna have ourfeet a little bit wider than hip width apart.

(timer beeps) We're gonna come down in a dead lift and then as we come back up, we're doing a front raise.

So, palms facing your body while you push your hipsback in that deadlift and then as we stand up fromit, palms face the ground.

When it beeps again, we're doing a back step, side raise, which isjust what it sounds like.

I just have to say it really carefully.

We're stepping backwith one foot at a time, not lunging, simply stepping back, challenging your balance, thinking about holding in yourcore, while across your body, we're raising that hand out to the side.

So again, palms are facingyour body (timer beeps) and then palms are facing the ground.

So we're stepping back (sighs) while across your body is a side raise.

This, oh my gosh, I'm gonna fall over.

This is challenging your balance without having to put anykind of stress on your knees.

When it beeps again, we're gonna go back into my comfort zone.

We're gonna do cardio.

(laughs) I tell you what, I'm already alittle bit grateful for that.

This strength work, I actually knew that the strength work was gonna be reallychallenging for me today.

Sometimes it just is.

When it beeps again, we're gonna put our dumbbells down and completely out of the way and we're gonna be doingwindmill tap backs.

Your arms and your feetspread nice and wide, (timer beeps)we're gonna reach our opposite hand downtowards our opposite foot.

So hands and feet wide, reaching down towards, not, you don't have totouch, nobody cares.

There's no inbuilt police like watching whether or not youactually touch your foot.

Far more important, becausewe're back into cardio, is simply that you'vegot your core pulled in and you're moving as quickly as you can and or want to and or intended today.

When it beeps again, we're doing toy soldiers, which means that we'regonna have our hands up over our head, as we do ona low impact cardio day, reaching our opposite hand towards our opposite kicking foot.

Now, here's the thing.

We're in our second, (timer beeps) here we go with our toy soldiers.

We're in our second littleround of cardio here and I'm thinking right now about pushing.

What push feels like, whatpush is gonna feel like for the rest of this workout.

I know approximately how long it is, I'm looking at my whiteboard.

I'm moving at a pace that works for me.

I want you to move at a pacethat feels right for you.

When it beeps again, we'redoing reach across crunch.

No matter if that's faster than me, or slower than me orexactly the same pace.

Making sure that you'regetting your best workout is always your responsibility my friend, especially, (timer beeps) if you are, here we gowith a reach across crunch and reach across crunch.

Especially if your goal is weight loss and you should be doinga moderate day workout for weight loss, I don'twant you to be trying to keep up with me, simplybecause this is the pace I'm going on screen.

Making sure that you'redoing your best workout is so important for youto get what you want.

When it beeps again, we'redoing cheerleader kicks, which means that our hands arestarting at shoulder height, we're kicking forwardand as we're kicking, we're cheering but withour hands up overhead.

Your hands are never comingdown below your shoulders.

(timer beeps) So here we go, cheerleader kicks.

The trick on this one is that your elbows are actually out kind of wide and because your handsare up at shoulder height or higher the entire time, you really have no ability tobring your heart rate down, unless you bring your handsdown and or your pace down but here's the good news, after this one, we'regoing back to strength.


When it beeps again, we'regonna grab those dumbbells real quick and we'regonna do front kick curls.

So actually, our lower body is basically gonna continue kicking, like this, but we're gonnabe doing biceps curls, tucking your elbows right into your waist, really thinking about excellent form.

We're slowing down the pace.

(timer beeps) (sighs) but that doesn't mean we'reslowing down the intensity.

You know, that's thething about intensity.

So here we go, bringingone knee up at a time, trying not to fall overand kicking that foot out.

Now, obviously, I can move my biceps curls significantly faster than the kick, I'm having a hard time kind of figuring out my pace on this one.

(sighs) We're keeping the intensity quite high, even though our pace is very slow, because we're lifting, essentially the heaviest dumbbells that you can handle with good form.

When it beeps again, we're doing a high knee twist.

(timer beeps) So, dumbbells are here at your chest.

We're going to twist to one side while we bring up one high knee at a time.

So you're twisting into the high knee, really feeling those absand obliques doing the work as well as a little bit more biceps work while we've got these dumbbellsright here at chest height.

The fact is, now if you are moderating, of course you're not gonna beusing your heaviest dumbbells, you're gonna be using a moderate pair.

This shouldn't feel especially intense if you are moderatingfor a moderate workout.

When it beeps again, we'regonna do a bent over fly, which means that we're gonna have our feet a little bit wider than hip width apart, you're gonna push your hips back(timer beeps) and from that bent over position, we're gonna widen ourhands out to the side, really thinking aboutnot letting your neck jut forward that we'resqueezing from the middle of our back, core is pulled in tight, back is super, super straight.

The thing about pushingand getting intensity from a strength workout isthat you need to push yourself to lift basically as heavy as you can.

So, oh my gosh, so that you are grunting and so that is intense.

When it beeps again, we'redoing a sidekick delt raise, which means that we're going to have our (timer beeps)palms facing our body.

As your palms come upright underneath your chin, we're kicking out to the side.

Oh my goodness.

This is essentially a slow motion and very heavy butter churn which we are gonna do in ournext little cardio section, not right away but we are gonna get to it.

And in fact, speaking ofcardio, it's coming up again.

When it beeps again, we'regonna put these dumbbells down and we're gonna get moving and grooving with those forward hinge arm flappers.

That is essentially a deadlift.

Your feet are a little bitwider than hip width apart, Woo doggies, your hands aregonna be doing jumping jacks, but your lower body isgonna be doing a deadlift, pushing your hips(timer beeps) back behind you and thenpulling them forward.

This is glute work but ofcourse because it's cardio, it is also heart and lung work.

We are back to that highintensity, high speed but low impact, absolutelyno jumping cardio pace, so when it beeps again, we're doing letter Ks.

Both hands gonna be up overhead, we're gonna reach one handkind of down out to the side while that same leg kicks out to the side.

On one side, you're gonnabe forming the letter K, on the other side, we are not.

Now I don't know if it'sbeen really obvious to you but these intervals of cardio and strength are getting longer.

So when we do this one, (timer beeps) we've got more intervalsof cardio in a row.

Here we are with those letter Ks, reaching down to one side, reaching down to the other, feeling real good about this pace.

In fact, I just realized, I've slowed down a little bit.

I'm gonna go ahead and pick this up.

It's a push day.

I knew I would regret that atsome point, I'm starting to.

So, I'm gonna rememberthat I promised myself I'm gonna push the entire time.

When it beeps again, we're doing kick jacks, hands are doing jumpingjacks, legs are doing kicking.

Yes, my shoulders are getting tired too.

That is sort of the trick of a push day.

Sort of the trick of low impact cardio.

Our hands are up a lot, even if you are moderating, you're feeling(timer beeps) this in your shoulders.

Here we go with kick jacks.

Nice and quick on these kick jacks.

This is a longer interval, so even even if you'renot going super fast, your heart rate is going to come up.

This is a thing called cardiac drift.

The longer we work, thehigher your heart rate goes.

And when we're doing longintervals of cardio like this, your heart rate isdefinitely gonna get higher.

If you are moderating, feel free to moderate.

If you are pushing, feel free to push.

When it beeps again, we'redoing punch down switch foot, which is kind of essentiallywhat it sounds like.

We're punching down while tapping, that sends my foot outas quickly as possible (timer beeps) and then switching feet.

So punch down, switch foot, punch down, switch foot.

There is a little bitof a bend to your knee but this work is actuallycoming from your core.

Make sure that your back stays straight, your core is pulled in super, super tight, so that you're not feeling this work.

If this particular angle does feel like more work on your knee, stand up straighter andkick out to the side.

When it beeps again, we're doing butter churns, speaking of kicking out to the side, hands are going up and downdirectly in front of your body up to your chin, down to your waist while one foot kicks out at a time.

It, to me, (timer beeps) reminds me of churning butter.

Whether or not this iswhat churning butter actually looks like.

I doubt it, I strongly do, in fact, churning butter probably looks a lot likemachinery doing the work if I had to guess but way back in the day.

If you do not know or don'tcare about churning butter, you could call these he haas, because this absolutely feels like some kind of country dancing that I learned way back in the day.

When it beeps again, it'stime for strength again, we're doing high knee press ups.

Hands are gonna be at your shoulders, one hand presses up at a time while your opposite kneecomes up into a high knee.

We're slowing it way down again, but the intensity(timer beeps) is just as tough.

The dumbbells have gotten heavier, my heart rate has gotten higher, we're pressing up with one high knee and then pressing upwith the other high knee, thinking about that legthat you're standing on, the knee is soft but strong, really recruiting all themuscles around your knee and not the knee joint itself.

When you stand on one leg, my friend, if you lock your knee joint, that is asking your joint to do the work that your muscles should be doing.

When it beeps, again, we're doing triangles.

Hands are gonna stay right about here at your shoulder height, maybe chest height, feet nice and wide.

We're gonna reach one hand, (timer beeps) all the way down your leg, woo doggies, while the other hand goes up overhead.

Now on a triangle, we are jutting that hip out.

This is work for your hips, your glutes, your inner and outer thighs and oh yes, your shoulders and your back.

I know you feel that upperbody work 'cause I sure do but thinking about where your hips are is particularlyimportant for this one.

When it beeps again, we'redoing a step back, punch front, which is literally exactlywhat it sounds like.

We're gonna step back with one foot, Oh my gosh, (timer beeps) ah, thank goodness, while punching forward, I have to think about this, while punching forwardwith the opposite hand this is across your body.

That's why it took a couple of seconds to figure out what acrossmy body was looking like.

Hands are right here at your chest.

There's essentially no resting position.

Your upper back and shoulders are hanging on to these weights no matter where we are.

(sighs) Making sure that your coreis pulled in super tight.

Making sure that your back is straight, your form is excellent.

We are continuing to push, this is the part of the workout (timer beeps)I knew I was gonna not like, standing cross-body crunches is next, dumbbells on your shoulders, oh my gosh, we'rereaching across your body, bringing your knee up to your elbow, so your arms actually geta little bit of a break.

I'm literally resting thedumbbells on my shoulders at this point.

Your hands are stillhanging on to them though and boy, oh boy, are we using our abs to get that knee all theway up to your elbow.

You're not curling down into it, you're bringing that knee all the way up.

When it beeps again, woo doggies, this is the only time we have to do it.

It's star balance.

Both hands are gonna go up overhead.

We're gonna tip to one side, letting that side, (timer beeps) letting, no, you're gonna keep your ear on the arm of the side that you're tipping to while the other arm stays up overhead.

I used to call these plus signs, but I cannot get over far enough to actually make a plus sign.

If you can, that's fantastic.

You're only going over as far as you can recover from.

With heavyweights like this in my hand, that's practically nothing for me.

I know you see that, thank goodness, when it beeps again, we get to put these heavyheavy dumbbells down and we are back to cardio with ding dongs.

Hands are swinging wide but low, (timer beeps) staying down low, while that same foot kicks out to the same side.

I'm so happy doing cardio right now, even though I know it'sgonna bring my heart rate up even higher, I'm just so happy to put those dumbbells down.

We are swinging wide and kicking wide.

We are on the lastcardio segment you guys.

I'm drenched in sweat how are you feeling? You ready to keep pushing? Because we, are especiallyif you're pushing.

If you're moderating, you're not pushing.

When it beeps again, we'redoing big arm side shuffles, which means I'm gonna scootover here just a little bit.

Our arms are gonna make a nice big circle directly in front of youwhile we shuffle to the side.

Now, I have heard, in the comment section, (timer beeps) that sometimes, thesebig arm side shuffles feel a little bit tricky and I want you to know, honestly, no matter what exercisefeels a little bit tricky because there's some of them coming up that are gonna be tricky for me.

Just keep moving, it really doesn't matter what it looks like or what you're doing, especially with a cardio exercise, pull your core in and move your hands, truly and maybe moveyour feet if you want to.

That's all it takes.

That's all we're doing.

We're getting our heart rate up.

When it beeps again, we're doing dancing Xs.

Gonna have your hands wide, your feet wide and we're gonna meet in themiddle, across your body.

Your opposite elbowmeeting your opposite knee.

Nice and big, nice and fast.

(timer beeps) In fact, I'm remindingmyself, we're pushing today, I'm pushing today, you'redoing your workout, I'm pushing, which means Ineed to remember to push.

Let's push.



Except that this nextexercise, it's an exercise for your brain as well as your body.

We're doing leg twister jacks and let me just tell you right now, if you've done thembefore, they're not easy.

It's complicated.

You have to use your brain.

Just move your arms, you're flapping your arms like jumping jacks.

You're twisting your legs in and out, that's reallyall there is to it.

Don't try and follow along with me, just twist your legs whileyou're doing jumping jacks with your arms.

I'm gonna go, twist my leg out, then twist my leg in.

(timer beeps) So out and then in and thenthe other foot in and out and back in again.

Then in, then out, then in.

Then in, then out, then in and yes, sometimes I doactually just have to say that in my head, when it beeps again, we're doing cancans, which I know is another one that could be tricky.

We're bringing up one knee and then kicking with that same side.

So it's a knee and a kickand then a knee and a kick and I don't know sayingthat while I'm doing these leg twister jacks isabout to confuse me my friends.

As long as we are moving at the pace that you intended to move atthe beginning of this workout, you are doing so fantastic.

(timer beeps) Knee and kick, knee and kick.

These cancans, whether youlike them or don't like them, can't do them perfectly, like I'm doing them perfectly, but do them the waythey're intended to be done more or less or not.

There's no repeating today you guys, we are almost done with allof these cardio exercises.

The next one is the last oneand it's booty kicker jacks.

I wanted to end on a high note for myself 'cause I can usually do those pretty well.

Hands are doing jumping jacks of course and your lower body isdoing booty kickers, really stretching out(sighs) that thigh muscle thatwe have used a lot today.

(timer beeps)You know, this knee friendly work, just because we're not doing, heres booty kicker jacks.

Just because we're notdoing squats or lunges doesn't mean we're not workingthe muscles around your knee.

That, my friend, is one ofthe best things you can do for your knees is tostrengthen the muscles rather than using the joint because the joint is reallyonly supposed to, like, make your muscles move a certain way.

The muscles are supposedto be doing the work.

When it beeps again, you guys, we're grabbing those dumbbells 'cause it's time for strength again.

We're starting with good mornings, which is a deadlift, except, the twist, is that we've got theweights on our shoulders.

(timer beeps)So one dumbbell in each hand.

Gonna to have your hands orrather your elbows out wide, while the dumbbells resthere on your shoulders and then we're goingto push your hips back and pull your hips forward.

(sighs) For dead- lifts, I can getdown significantly lower, for good mornings like this, I really have to think very hard about pulling in my core, keeping my back straight and my elbows wide, which means I can't reallyget over quite as far.

It's never about how far over you can get, it's about using excellent form and squeeze, squeeze, squeezing from your glutes.

When it beeps again, we're doing triceps and pull downs, (timer beeps)with high knees.

So, hands go up overhead, both of them together, palms facing each other.

You're gonna bend yourelbows while bringing up one high knee and then extend again.

Your elbows are stayingright next to your ears.

You're not letting yourhands, nope, not your hands.

You're not letting yourelbows jut out to the side.

This is tough stuff.

Your triceps are tiny little muscles.

They don't wanna do this work.

They're shaky right now, they're not very happy with what I'm asking them to do at all but we're still gonna do it anyways, making sure that you're soft but strong on that standing knee, core pulled in tight.

When it beeps again, we're doing a step back, twisting punch.

(timer beeps) Oh, thank goodness, now it's come down.

We're stepping back and twisting away from it to punch out to the side.

So stepping back, oh golly, and twisting and punching.

I am not twisting very far and I'm not punching very far, nor am I stepping back very far.

(laughs) This is sweaty and difficult work, making sure that you arepulling in your core.

This work, even thoughyour limbs are moving, is coming from your abs, your abs are stabilizing all of this work.

That's why I'm grunting.

When it beeps again, we're doing a side bend witha cross-body knee touch.

(timer beeps) Now here's the thing, on a side bend, hands are here at your shoulders.

On a side bend, you'reonly bending your torso, your hip is super stable and then we're bringingup that opposite knee towards your opposite elbow.

We're bending down to the side and then touching that knee to the elbow.

When we were doing the triangles earlier, I was telling you to jut your hip out.

Now, I'm telling you to keepthat hip as stable as possible.

We're only going to whereyour spine and your abs can bend to.

When it beeps again, oh my gosh.

I know you've beenwaiting for this all day.

Where are those drinky birds at Pahla? Yeah, here they come.

Coming up next, we're doing drinky birds.

(timer beeps) Oh my goodness.

We're going back and forth on this.

I'm not trying to makeyou do like one interval on each side.

A drinky bird is a single leg deadlift.

Woo doggies, we're thinkingabout pulling your leg up behind you by using your glutes.

This is not bending forward, this is tipping forward, becausethe back half of your body, that leg, is not lettingyou do anything else.

Your back is super, super straight.

Your abs are pulled in super, super tight.

The next time it beeps, we will be done.

Oh, but we're not quitefinished 'cause you know, I've got one final thing for us and if it's not drinkybirds, what in the world is it gonna be? Oh, yes, we're doing alittle bit more cardio.

with weights in our hands.

(timer beeps) We're doing half jacks, literally half your body, doing a jumping jack at a time.

Oh my goodness, lettingyour hand sit by your side and then reaching out withyour palm facing down.

Tapping that leg out once on each side.

We're going as fast as you can with still excellentform because my friends, if we're not using excellent form, why are we working out am I right? When it beeps again, we're gonna put thesedumbbells down forever.

I'm gonna turn the timer off and we are going to cool it down.

Oh my goodness, this has been super tough.

I know I'm talking intime with the tapping and the half jack.

(laughs) (timer beeps) Oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh okay, but those dumbbells down.

Ah, yes, that's worthy of singing because that, (timer beeps) that was tough you guys, let's do some arm circles.

Oh my gosh, I'm so tappers, ah, let's bring that heart rate down, down, down, down, down.

Now I know, I know, some of my Bs are like, “you know what, that was a great push day.

“I can actually push a little bit more.

” I know, I know.

Sometimes you really wantto and here on screen, I'm actually gonna have a little bit more.

I have lots and lots of 10 minute workouts that you can just kindof tack on to push day, a moderate day, or whatever kind of a day.

I'm gonna encourage you though, honestly, especially if this was a pushday, this was a good push.

I've got an extended cool down that's also quite, quite lovely for you because this, thiswas enough my friends, no matter what your goal is, this was excellent, excellent work today.

Let's open up our arms nice and big.

Ah, and then close them up nice and tight.

Give yourself a hug and a pat on the back.

Oh my goodness.

This, this was sweaty stuff today and I'm super, super proud of you.

No matter what you choose, I do have that workoutfor you hear on screen you are welcome to go a little bit more or cool it down a little bit more.

Thank you so, so much forworking out with me today.

You guys, I'll see you in the next video.


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