Hello~ I am Kani jjang~❤️ Annyeong~❤️ Today I came to convenience store Seven Eleven.

Because I was craving for CVS foods very much today.

I am gonna show you in short.

Today I am gonna eat INGA! Seven Eleven is also selling IN(GI) GA(YO)Sandwich.

(Ingi gayo : popular song) OKAY! I got this Idol sandwich.

Chamchi kimchi bokkeumbap Samgak gimbap!(Triangle shaped tuna kimchi fried rice) I want this too.

(^^*) Macbokki with cheese topping.

Dumpling! Dumpling! Kimchi dumpling~ Oh~ Noodles here! I want some noodles soup.

But I want spicy noodles more at the moment.

I am gonna get carbo fire chicken noodles.

And the drink.



Drink is important.





What is this? Oh! This is supposed to be ice cream.

It is ice cream, Candy bar.

It might taste like that.

I am gonna try this.

Hello there~ This fish cakes.



Various fish cakes skewer cost 1, 300 KRW (1.

1 USD) And others cost 900 KRW (0.

8 USD) per each.

Oh! Is that so? This fish cake.



Please give me this one.

Okay~ Many elementary school students were in the store too.

(^^*) Thank you very much!! Please give me a so teok so teok too.

(^^*)(so teok so teok: sausage and rice cake skewer) Okay~ Total 14, 600 KRW (12 USD) Oh~ Okay~ Here it is~ I will let you know when so teok so teok gets hot.

Thank you very much!! Oh~ Go go! Go go! Wow! I got my table full now.

I am gonna cook noodles first.

And I will get my dumplings hot too.

How cheerful children~♬ I wanna return to my childhood if possible.

(^^*) 3 minutes! Start! While waiting for the noodles to be done, let's keep chopsticks here.

Let's see how to cook this~ I can see cheese here.

I am gonna put cheese here.

Like this.

And 2 minutes in the microwave.

Put in! Close! 2 minutes! It's done! Looks yummy! So teok So teok! Carbo fire chicken noodles!(Carbo bul dak) Now everything is ready! I will eat well~♬ Drink first! Wow! This is really delicious! and Carbo fire chicken noodles! Carbo fire chicken noodles~ Taste seems to have been changed a bit.

It seems to taste much better.

Is it because I haven't had it for a while? This is really really yummy! Fish cakes! I am so curious! Children never left.

They were standing around me and watching my recording.

(^^*) So cute!! ❤️❤️❤️ Delicious! and Dumplings! (Mandu) It is full of stuffs.

And the skin is very chewy.

Mandu is so delicious! I am really curious of this.

This is a kind of tteokbokki.

But it was cooked with macaroni.

(Let's eat) With cheese together.

It tastes like exactly the same as tteokbokki.

But less spicy tteokbokki.

It is rather sweet.

There are many children audience around me now.

(^^*) Their eyes are glowing of curiosity.

(^^*) I heard so teok so teok tastes better when eating with yangnyeom sauce.

Yangnyeom sauce is for Korean spicy chicken(Yangnyeom chicken).

But it is used for other foods too~(^^*) I took a photo with children around me on this day.

(^^*) And I bought ice cream for them too.

Recording became joyful work thanks to them~❤️ Samgak gimbap!(Samgak: triangle) Sandwich! What is this? Sometimes it is very hard for me to unpack.

It's done! oh!! I know how to unpack now (^^*) Yummy! Yummy! Dumpling! Seven Eleven is 3rd ranked convenience store chain in Korea.

CU and GS 25 are always competing each other to be top ranker.

Sometimes there are several CVS in a small area due to severe competition.

And recently minimum hourly wage rose up rapidly in Korea.

So operating convenience store is not an attractive business any more here.

I can hardly get this combination of foods at restaurants.

That's why I like CVS.

So teok so teok! This got famous from expressway service station.

Korean express services station have several restaurants and stores other than gas station.

Sausage tastes a bit spicy.

A bit spicier than ordinary vienna sausage.

Yummy! I can see some corns here.

Corn has slightly popping texture.

I like this now.

This is really nice.

I am already full now.

But as you know, women have another stomach for dessert.

I am gonna bring some dessert now.

I am here at snack corner.

I don't know where to look for.

There are plenty! Here is meringue cookies.

I am gonna try this too.

What to eat? Green tea flavored! Green tea flavored Haagen dazs! This is Aisheo! (aisheo means “oh~ sour!) For vitamin C supplement.

(^^*) These would be enough! Meringue cookies, ice cream and aisheo! Let's try this first.

Wow! it is big! Meringue cookie is quite big! It is very sweet.

and delicious.

But I can't describe the taste in detail.

(^^*) and Ice cream! I was so craving for ice cream.

Wow~ Sweet! Very delicious! on the meringue cookie~ Let's try sour Aisheo now.

Be careful Kani jjang~(^^*) Done! Look at this~ There is something very sour in this.

Sour! I haven't had this for a long time.

Sour! I had nice foods at convenience store today.

and had sweet desserts too.

I can find fun whenever I come to CVS.

I had good time today~See you again!!.

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