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What are you doing, Jacob? That’s not how you should cut a tomato! Emily, you’ve got to do something aboutthis or else it’s going to be a saladisaster! Show him how it’s done! Take two forks and put them in the tomatoside by side.

Use the gaps to guide your knife for someperfect tomato slices.

It just couldn’t be easier than that! Impressed yet? Do you want to try it out, Jacob? Have fun while Emily does some other DIY inthe kitchen.

Did you really just cut everything in thefridge into perfectly even slices? When Jacob does something, he always goesall the way… Who’s gonna eat all that? Hmm, ok… just a slice… or maybe seven.

Ahhh… no, this isn’t right.

What’s going on, Emily? Seems like that darn pencil has a mind ofits own.

Have some ice cream, maybe that will helpyou figure something out.

The spoon… is kinda the shape of an eye, isn’t it? You know what, guys? She’s got this! Take the handle and put it where you wantthe straight line to be.

Now use the rounded edge of the spoon to drawthat perfect wing.

Repeat on the other side.

Perfectly even! Hey, Madison, look! The spoon was like a stencil.

That deserves an extra-large ice cream portion.

Just remember to wipe off that makeup first! Gotta go, ciao bella! Some say tomato, some say tomato.

Madison says… yeauch! The attack of the killer tomatoes it is not.

But your knife sure could use some sharpening, ey? Yep, just as expected, may as well cut thatveggie with a mug.

Or maybe try using the mug to sharpen theknife? Yes, for real! The bottom of the mug is as good as a whetstone.

Whoops, be careful! Let’s try it out now.

See? Cuts smooth like butter.

Enjoy your sandwich, Madison! Ah, lettuce get together, precious bacon! No, Adam, this time, no greenery.

Don’t you find it strange that we bake cookiesand cook bacon? Nope, he doesn’t seem to have any problemswith that.

It’s all fine, isn’t it? But I don’t think it’s supposed to smelllike that… Better go break a piggy bank and just ordersome properly cooked bacon.



When you think about it, bakin’ bacon doessound better, doesn’t it? Grab an oven tray and cover it with foil.

Align the bacon slices just like that.

Oh yes! Set your oven at 400 degrees and throw thetray in there.

Leave them to bake for 15 minutes and we’redone! Looks like you’ve been ham-bushed by thedelightful smell of baked bacon! And the best part of this hack is – no needto wash anything! Just remove the foil off the tray.

This hack is sure to “bake” any meat lover’sday! How about some good ol’ Earl Grey to gowith that crispy croissant you’re having there, Jacob? Watch out for the….

Wow, don’t you think you’re overreactinga little bit? The things people do when their breakfastgoes wrong… Take it easy… breathe in, breathe out.

Maybe you can take it out with your fingers.

Yauch! The spoon is too hot already.

Bring on some heavy heat-repellent gear.

Phew, danger avoided.

So, what do you do if you don’t want thetea bag string to slip into the mug? Just loosely wrap it around the handle.

Once you pour the water, the little pieceof paper will hold it in place! See, that’s what it’s for! All good now, Jacob? Yeah, all good.

Nothing like a fresh salad to keep you ingood shape.

But Emma knows the struggles of washing thoseleaves all too well… Looks more like a green soup than anythingelse! Try to pour that water out, maybe that’llwork… Careful… careful… Oooh! Haha, clumsy Emma… There’s gotta be abetter way to do this.

How about we recycle that mesh fruit bag? Once you’re finished with your tasty treats, put that mesh bag aside and fill it up with all the lettuce you’d like to wash.

Swing the ends so that it is twisted tightlyand dip the vegetables in water.

Then just pull and unwind! That’s a very spectacular way of dryingyour lettuce, isn’t it, Emma? Drop it back into your bowl now and see howlight and crisp dry it is.

Just add some cherry tomatoes and choppedmini mozzarellas and you’re good to go.

Avalanche! Thankfully none of these bottles cracked, but we’ve got to think of a way to store them safely or we’re gonna run out of luck! How about these organizers? Do you think they’ll fit in their new role? Instead of yet another pile of pizzeria leaflets, try to put some of those bottles in.

They won’t roll around the fridge and you’llimmediately know which one’s yours! Sugar, spice, and everything… nice? All these ingredients plus Chemical X werechosen, to create the perfect… Thumbs Up!!! So don’t forget to smash that Like button, Crafty Pandas! Subscribe to our channel and leave a commentdown below! What’s cooking, Emma? Some tiny sausages? That’s something straight out of a properEnglish breakfast! As long as they don’t escape your fryingpan, that is… Oops, that’s gonna leave a stain.

Grab a second fork, these things are justso slippery.

2 out of 4 sausages gone… Seems like desperatetimes call for desperate measures.

Emma, the pan! Take those two forks and combine them togetherwith a binder clip.

Flip the handles and tape each fork to eachend.

It’s just like real BBQ tongs without actuallyhaving to buy them.

You can grab these tiny weenies just likethat! Nice and easy, one after another.

Smells so nice… bon appétit! Molly’s doing some long-overdue cleaningin her basement… You can find so many exciting treasures there! Look at that box… let’s check what’sin it.

Old ladles, huh? They’re much too dirty to be used for eating… But that doesn’t mean they’re garbage! Let’s see what she can do with this.

Take the ladle and straighten that hook out.

Use a hammer—it’s gotta be flat.

Now paint the whole thing gold and… You guessed it! Let’s make some flowerpots.

Add some expanded clay and some plant soilon top.

Your little succulents will fit right in.

Hang them on your walls and enjoy this veryeye-catching room decoration! That’s a big spoonful of style.

Madison just got back from her favourite eco-friendlygrocery store.

Couscous, pasta… Look at all that deliciousness! Nothing left than to pour it into their jars, right? Wow, how clumsy of you! Seems like those lentils flew everywhere, just not into their container.

Don’t you just hate when that happens? If only there was something like a scoop here…or a funnel.



Well… why not both? Take a plastic bottle.

We won’t be needing the stickers.

And cut the handle out just like that.

Remember to use a bottle with a hollow handle.

That’s the whole trick! Just scoop up some of those lentils and pourthem out through the other end of the scoop.

Nice, easy, and spill free.

Another mess avoided! Whatcha doin’ there, guys? O-oh, the last lollipop in the house.

Let the Hunger Games commence! Who will come out of this duel victoriousand claim the precious prize? And….

we have a winner! Aaand Emily’s angry.

Don’t try to win her over now, what’sbeen done cannot be undone.

Unless you come up with something better thana simple sweet.

Take a hollow, acrylic sphere – you can findthose online or in artisan shops.

Fill both halves with whatever sweets youlike and close it.

Now we’ll need an A4 sized piece of paper.

Stick some double-sided tape on one side.

Starting from the other side, roll the paperin a tight tube.

That’ll be our lollipop stick.

Drop some hot glue on the sphere and connectthe two parts together.

All you have to do now is wrap it neatly insome shiny paper.

Hey, Emily? Look, second place is not that bad if you’restill the queen of Jacob’s heart! Here’s your sugary sceptre! And it’s her favourite candy too.

Oh, he knows you all too well, girl.

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