ladies and gentlemen this is probably the best series on my youtube channel and we have partnered up with panini to celebrate the launch of football 2020 paninis first-ever sticker book collection with the Premier League and ladies and gentlemen we've got the Premier League edition of Oh [Music] if you want good luck for the next five years that makes me smash like button right now 50, 000 likes thank you very much welcome to the football Olympics this is going to be insane so today we are changing up we have four teams in the Premier League we've got Chelsea Arsenal and we also got the Premier League all-stars [Music] now today the rules have actually changed in each challenge there's only going to be a select amount of players that can do it so if you do one challenge you cannot do another ones we've got a challenge based around instinct a challenge based around accuracy a challenge based around passing and a four before football match if you enjoy today's episode of football Olympics make sure you smash the like button right now as it stands in each of your team you're going to talk to each other and decide who's going to do these hands because once you do one challenge you currently the next one until the last chance is a group change everyone's involved as challenge we have got king of the courts listen listen listen only two players can do it and if you do the king of the court you can't do the next two challenges all right so you guys you are think between your team's who's gonna be the best for this challenge all right that's going into your corner it's going to your corners speak speak speak and watch the nominations are done tell me when you're ready here we go guys we've nominated or two people who's gonna do the king of the court and we decided that meets I'm real movie best for this challenge and the other great games we have will be completed in the next challenges let's go I'll flash me to shop comm we located a Mylo here doing the killing for me an Australian accuracy challenge and the polling is just from boosting no well that's always gonna be the hoop on all right bud all-stars do you have your nomination can a nominee step forward and the two nominees step forward there we go all right cool arsenal great for this challenge can the two nominees step forward okay so you guys know that you're not gonna be able to do the next two challenges yep all good with that yeah nice Chelsea can a two nominee step forward there we go oh okay okay okay we got some bonus here you're some policy today man United and the two nominees step forward oh oh I see a lot of skills here a lot of schools do they have the chemistry you know any place that's due King unicorn estan this is it two limes each 300 3 2 1 oh this is gonna be oh that one was close that one was close Hey and I hope again it's impossible as well yellow oh there you go who's gonna close that was close it almost Percy I want in it's gonna be please go let's go inches inches [Music] oh my god oh my god [Music] I have unopposed let's go let's go let's go let's go let's go what's gonna happen all right I understand everyone has one where you got what you got we lost we lost me we want me this is it all-stars the vs.

Manchester United ladies and gentlemen here we go United vs.

Allstars who's gonna win I do not know one one two three I don't know who's gonna win this [Music] [Music] the next challenge we have got the sunshine side you okay so Cory great great reflexes or Scott great passing strength great offense cadence speed shop need technical let's do this we're gonna win these guys can your nominee step forward Oh okay be again in the hood yeah easy Chelsea can your nominee step forward I respect that I respect that make some mouth my guy my guy are slow oh come for the little probably the big brother took on the first challenge we've gone for the young one do you reckon he'll get in the hoop getting hoop I respect their respect that Manchester United can your eye no no no not no can you not many step forward please okay let's go he's gonna power I know he's gonna flossed in you ready for this yeah you ready yeah okay boys let's head over for we ready on shoot all right you ready go wait no wings no wings no wings no no no one wins again so you can decide if he goes first he goes first he goes second you decided oh oh oh pingzhi just calling the shots calling the shots I respect that ready Oh [Applause] and it stands us who are not free can kingsy do it you know [Applause] [Applause] go again we go again business toppy top is let's go [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] whoever gets in first gets third place you don't get in bingo three did not go through this game intense [Music] [Music] [Music] boys this is the parson challenge so as you can see I know you can actually see the stamp right here so we've got five goals you've got the eleven aside goal that's one point one point one point one point and this goal behind the center go it's free points so if you manage to skip over this first go and get in the middle okay okay all right okay challenge one point for Arsenal one point let's see if the others can do bill [Applause] you've got that one point one point you've got you start get it wait wait listen my boy yourself let's go let's go let's go let's go let's go – great as it stands Arsenal I lost next up we've got my tail as it stands one point – can you get free take it away let's go let's go you go get this one in let's take the lead there we go Green as it stands United are winning this is intense with hey well done another six almost closed 1.

0 that's two that's two – so I understand you can either for free or if you go through the big one to get in and win the whole challenge you got – yes which means what's that fair pace second place all right so tell you boys ready but it's ready for this all right take it away so as it stands if he scores it's over okay boys this is a final challenge as it stands United you finish on seven points well done second place we have how many buncha to get my six six points third place we had Chelsea at four points last place we had first place versus second place third place versus Portland whoever wins as much as goes into a final to win the overall she sure doesn't matter who came locked away if you wouldn't match Chelsea vs.

arsenal faster – girls wins yeah Bri two one go here we go there we go why here we go here we go [Music] also are in to the finals that is it off the wall done all right and three two one go ready that was amazing oh what a character [Applause] this is the final 300 nicely touch soda she goes he goes he goes that looks good okay all right let's go play on the boys trip know what happened in the first game I said it 1-1 there we go if he scored them starving college they're trailing let's go oh there we go one more go at one that will available inches again he's seen it he seen a paintball goalkeeper just gonna punch him power from there I'm not gonna sort it with dolphins I don't be a little bit open bay Clinton videotape them no way that was e advantage Oh see see who is going to school Oh Oh Oh Austin Bowman no wait hi Riley well done man people so nice to fish in them [Applause].

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